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How much do we gain from setups?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Justin Lindsay, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. I just got done playing around with time trial on the Interlagos (Brazil) track. I knew that from times I had posted in my career mode that were not only better than my current leaderboard time of 1:08.324, but that it was almost a shoe-in for me considering that I had been using an inferior car during my career. The main purpose was to be atop all of the times put up by anybody on my friends list. The time to beat was 1:07.362 by SLRwellfit (Driving Assist(s) On); I also wanted to beat this time without using any assists, so I began.

    I chose a ghost car from the top 25 that had posted a time without using traction control, or any other driving aid for that matter. The time of this ghost car was 1:04.xxx. The tenths-of-seconds matter nil considering that if I was that close to its gearbox, no doubt things were going well. Anyway, using my setups, and tweaking them here and there, I was always falling short, always in the 1:07's, but falling short at 1:07.694. It was even more frustrating because I was coming out of the Senna S' (turns 1 & 2) ahead of my PB and at times even ahead of the 1:04 leaderboard car. The leaderboard car always took the lead & maintained it from turn 3 onwards, but I was able to keep a lead on my PB - by so much as two car lengths all the way down Reta Oposta. After turn 4 however, my PB would catch/pass me and while I'd come close at turns 8 and 10, my PB would always best me at Mergulho.

    Anywho, after a while of getting frustrated that my setup's gearbox was topping out too early in 7th gear on the main-stretch or that 3rd gear didn't pick up with enough RPM's coming out of turn 4, I said 'fu¢k it' and went to the garage and put it on quick setup dry (all the way to the right). My very first lap after that clocked in at 1:07.262, and my during my next lap I was 00:00.300 ahead through sector one. Being a little to liberal on the gas coming out of turn 8 spun me out and having had enough of Brazil for a day, I just went to the paddock.

    Obviously there are some tweaks to the way I'm driving the track that can improve regardless of whether I'm using one of my setups or a quick-setup, but let's be honest, 1:07.xxx is a pretty good time, especially without any assists, but it is fair to say I was at least somewhat irritated with the fact that on my first lap out using a quick setup, I crushed my customized setup time almost half-a-second.
  2. each track comes with a set of optimized setups as provided by default in the game.. there making little adjustments will either improve or degrade your time.. i guess the little tuning is driver specific.. and yeah gear ratios can always be adjusted.. but other than that.. the quick setups are pretty amazing..
    I do most of lap times with the quick setups (right most) and they are very good indeed..
  3. I don't think the fine tuning of set ups actually gains you time / speed etc - however what it does do is give you a car suited to you and one you feel confident in.

    The confidence part being the major factor that makes you drive harder and faster, as you can really push the car to its limits - hence better times :)
  4. I was under the impression that in TT the grip system was reduced so you couldn't therefor compare times in career.
    I read it on the codemasters forum I'm sure.
  5. In TT.. every component of the car is in optimum level.. so hence a higher grip
  6. grip system is not reduced in TT, its increased :) If you play career mode with tyre and fuel sim on, you won't be anywhere near the times you can drive in TT (about 4 to 5 sec. difference)

    furthermore i have to agree with craig. a good setup will mayb give you half a second improvement, but its all about having a car that suits your driving and makes you comfortable driving it.
  7. But having a better setup is what makes you drive harder and faster, without spinning off! It's what allows you to take that corner (whichever one is giving you problems) that bit faster.

    Edit: @Paul - Half a second a lap adds up to an eternity over the course of an F1 race. ;)
  8. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Half a sec a lapmin a 60 lap race is 30 secs gap at the end. I was 17 secs behind last night on a 17 lapmrace, sonwhen you look at it that way, it's only 1 sec a lap, but seems like an eternity when you are racing!
  9. 30 seconds is a very long time in F1.
  10. Naturally in a sport where winners are separated by losers in mere tenths or hundreds...sometimes thousandths of a second(s).