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How many input devices supported?

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by Devil_Dog, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Does anyone know how may input devices are supported? Just want to know if there is a limit. I have wheel, pedals, shifter and handbreak (4). Plus an SLI if support for the game ever comes around.

  2. hi Mike, only 1 peripheral is supported at the moment, I have to unplug the CSP and plug it in directly to the wheel, however my button box is mapped with Xpadder so it will recognized it as keyboard.
    my frex shift+ and Frex HB+ are plugged in to the PS/2 port of the GT3RS, so WRC3 thinks it's one single controller.
  3. I have G25 and THRS8 gearstick working perfectly fine without any tricks. Gears in THRS8 and handbrake in G25's sequential stick. They show as one controller in game menu but I can bind keys for both of them with no problem. I don't understand why people keeps saying that only one peripheral works. It's possible that support for certain controllers needs to be coded in to the game, but it's simply not true that game support only one controller at time.
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  4. It supports more than one, but it's totally hit or miss what works and how it works IMO. I have a Clubsport wheel that works fine, TH8RS set up as handbrake that works, Clubsport pedals hooked up stand alone to USB that work but have a 70% deadzone that I can't get rid of, doesn't recognize my DSD sequential so I have to use paddles to shift.

    Really hope they work out the controller issues with a patch soon. I can play, but it's not ideal.
  5. Everytime I make this mistake, write THRS8 instead of correct way. Those damn acronyms, always confuses me. :D

  6. CPS on USB works?, hmm nothing works here, I have to plug my CPS directly into the wheel or it doesn't register anything. and I can't configure them . Love the game to bits. sorry for the confusion, my experience is only 1 works, but as others here have said. the TH8RS works for their handbrake, mine for some reason didn't even recognized it.

    the CSP also needs to be plugged in direct to the wheel instead of usb.
  7. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Thanks for the replies.

    I want to get this game but now I'm hesitant as I have a T500 wheel, CSP's and sequential shifter.:mad:
  8. I get a gamecontroller feeling, when the TH8RS is plugged in (Controller ID 1). Without it, I can use separate USB devices like my CSR Elite and my CST pedalset (with an analog handbrake on that controller) as they should.