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how many fuel?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Thijmen Nabuurs, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. hello,

    i,m getting in the longer races.
    but i don't know how to calculate how much fuel I need?
    does anyone have a trick or something?

  2. ispeed


    Put in some fuel in the car, do 10 laps and check your average fuel consumption per lap.

    X (fuel per lap) * Y (amount of laps) = Z (how much fuel to put in the car)
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  3. There's a ingame counter showing approx "laps per amount of fuel left" thingy, is that reliable?
  4. Nope :)

    Or well if you want to know if you can do 10 or 1 lap then yes but if you have enough fuel to the end, nope.
    iSpeed is free and highly recommended not just for fuel but also how to improve your laptimes.
  5. Thanks for the tip, didn't check it out till now and I really like the telemetry feature to allow me analyze a race afterwards and figure out where I'm loosing time etc. VERY useful I can imagine, gotta get digging into it!
    For fuel and otherwise onscreen info/telemetry/buttonbox etc I'll stick with Hud for iRacing on my iPad:
    I'm using it as a buttonbox primarily but I'll prob add some of the widgets for tracking fuel soon. I'm currently racing Rookie stock car and those 20L races don't include fuel management :p

    Edit: Hope those two "server" apps can run side by side on my system without intefering with eachother.
  6. Never thought about that, i usually made my strategy before the race and just remembered how much to fill up in every stop and when to stop.
    It´s been remarkably accurate, most of the time crossing the start finish with a kilo or little more in the tank.

    As far as comparing, yea you can even compare with other drivers and see how you stack up and where you are losing time relative to them.

    It can also auto-save your fastest setup in case something happens and do lots of other things.
    Great piece of software.

    And if you want something more hardcore then ATLAS is the choice. (or MOTEC)