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How many do use TrackIR?

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by J van E, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. I can't imagine playing this game without TrackIR. I don't see many people mentioning it so I was wondering how many use TrackIR over here...?
  2. Roland

    Premium Member

    I use Freetrack (sort of a DIY TrackIR) in race games and I love it, just haven't figured out how to properly get it working with this game. I remember having similar issues with ETS 1. Just don't remember how I solved it back then:laugh:
  3. I have one, haven't set it up with the game though (i.e. too lazy to plug it in) - definitely would be helpful though (especially when starting those new jobs, trying to get out of the lot and onto the street).
  4. Yes, I just look around with my TrackIR and off I go. It's also great when driving out of the parking lot, looking left and right. Or looking at the mirrors at the other side. I can't imagine driving without TrackIR really... it's as if I have a very stiff neck and I have tunnel vision. It almost makes me claustrophobic. ;)

    In short: if you have TrackIR lying around: use it! It opens up the ETS2 world!
  5. I have a Freetrack thingy, just like Roland. Not much to look at, I ain't very capable, but it works!