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How many controllers are too many?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Mike Bruce Smith, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Mike Bruce Smith

    Mike Bruce Smith

    I'm looking at setting up a proper sim rig using the new Rseat RS1 system as the base. I currently have a G25/G27 but want to add a separate sequential shifter and button box from Derek Spear Designs. When I inquired about purchasing these items i got the following response.

    ISI/Gmotor titles limit the number of enumerated USB controllers to three it will access and those titles will take the first three windows identifies. A wheel and stand alone shifter count as two controllers. Any other controller such as pedals or a box would be a third.

    I see a lot of rigs on Youtube with a wheel, pedals, stand alone shifter & button box using titles like GSC2012/RF2. I'm not sure what to do as i'm not computer savvy. Is this advice correct? I also have the keyboard/mouse & headphones operating via wireless (USB connections).

    I would appreciate any advice.


  2. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    It's a gMotor 2 engine from the Windows XP days, so it will support no more than 3 game input controllers at once..
    Should be enough for a separate: steering wheel - pedal set - buttonbox/SLI device.
    Input from mouse and keyboard is not under the gaming devices, so you can attach as much of those as you want.
  3. stefaandk


    I recommend xpadder which allows you to map keyboard functions to a USB controller like a button box, so when you then map the keys in gmotor2 games it maps keyboard keys instead.
    I've got all the following USB devices working in gmotor games:

    H Shifter
    Seq Shifter
    Standalone pedals
    Button Box

    So out of those 5 I map my button box and seq shifter via xpadder so can certainly be done

    It's not free and the software is not the most intuitive to use albeit very powerful, works very well and as it provides a workaround to the controller limit well worth it.


  4. Mike Bruce Smith

    Mike Bruce Smith

    Yes I had heard of Xpadder but it looked a little confusing. Thanks for the advice and at least I now know that's it's possible to do it.
  5. FerrariMan96


    Xpadder (or JoyToKey, which is similar and available here, and there are probably others too) make a lot of sense to bypass the limit on the number of controllers, because as long as you're mapping simple on-off switches (like on a shifter or button box) there will be no functionality difference in game.
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  6. frapster


    However if your 4th (last) button box device is also a host for your DIY pedals, it won't be usable even with xpadder. I have Neodelight plugin instead of expadder to enable kbd mappings from it, but w/o being able to change USB controllers order in W7 (would swap device #4 BB with Pedals with another BB as controller #3 if it was easily done) but alas, this is stopping me from usign any g2 based games atm and simply unplugging one of the devices isn't the way to go (I have too many functions from the wheel and button boxes mapped as keys so this would break whole setup)
    Should have thought of it before wasting money on GSC and FT :(

    EDIT: I know my Neodelight plugin (xpadder type app) supports some axis mapping, but I reckon it will still be used as a digital (ON/OFF), rather than analogue input from pedal axis
  7. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    I use JoytoKey, and that maps the pedal axis as a digital response