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How long will F1 2010 last?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Fahad Gaffoor, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Just a random thought in my mind, what do you guys reckon, how long will this game last?
    Already there is huge drop in online players
  2. I think theres a lot of casual f1 fans that have had their fun and now gone on to something else. But i think theres still going to be the hardcore like ourselves that stick around. Hopefully it will make for cleaner more respectful racing (hopefully). Its very close to xmas and no doubt a lot of people will be getting this game for a present, there will probabaly be a massive increase in online racers over the next few weeks until they get bored.
  3. Im not bored yet of this game , but I know already Im not gonna play it as long as i did / do with Forza3.
  4. Marcel - Did you know that there is a new car pack out for F3? Sierra RS500 and an Mercedes 190e being just a couple included. Not played F3 for ages but might get back into it just so that i can race these cars!
  5. Ive taken a break from it but as soon as the new season starts up again I'll be playing along with the real season. Personally I have GT5 and Forza. iRacing and rFactor and I love F12010 more than all of the above. With a few mods on the pc it's a fantastic and relitavely bug free experience no matter what many people say.
  6. Agreed...

    Im doing a fresh install as i type this (install takes a lot of time XD) then ill update it again, put some mods in and it will be awesome once again
  7. The answer is simple. F1 2010 will last untill F1 2011. :)

    The only thing I'm anxious about is how Codies will handle with the series in a long term. I wish they won't go the EA went realeasing ever year same crap. F1 2010 is a very good game after all these years of absence of F1 on PC. True is that there is still a lot to improve to make the game ideal. And this will be noticeable in the next release. That makes me happy and can't wait for F1 2011.
  8. I liked this game from the first lap, and I still do:) Will play until the next release comes out, but I also noticed a big drop in online games and I too hope it leads to cleaner racing....
  9. Yep I know , havent downloaded it yet. Cant play Forza serious at the moment cause my wheel has a problem. Downshifter is kaput. I click once and shift down 2 gears (and fly off 9 out of 10 times). Weird thing is I dont have this problem with F1 2010. less sensitive or something, dont know...
  10. I agree with you F1Ham, unmodded I am not so keen on it, add a few mods and hey presto it is the Tonka I wanted and not the Matchbox I received.

    As far as 2011 goes jury is still out on that for me, I am going to hang back like the first corner and see what happen's before deciding my route
  11. I'm not buying this game every year just for a roster/team update. The mods basically take care of that. This is going to eventually become a pretty worthless game because of this. I'll play it for now, but when all the new sims come out next year, there won't be a need for this game.
  12. well i was really enjoying this game, i still do.. but on a different level now..
    its probably one of the best, if not the best F1 "GAME" that has been ever released.. but yeah..there are loads of room for improved, and i bet the F12011 will just be an update on all of these "missing" things in game..

    Some mods are great... but i still run the game without any mod.. jst a clean copy..
    as for, yeah i will play this game, but i dont know for how long, maybe just some online races once in a while..
  13. I doubt I will buy any sims to be honest, I tried gtr evo and the steering was so twitchy but then again that could of just been my gamepad, If i was to fully invest in a sim it would need to have an improved overall engine, graphics physics etc...so ill stick with f1 until that happens.
  14. rFactor 2 will something great.. i just hope it lives up to the expectations .
  15. Laxatron

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I think I will stick with it for a bit longer, it´s really a great game. That being said I mean as long as I can stand the ridiculous low fps I have.
    That´s the only thing that really drives me nuts about the game, around 25 fps and sometimes as low as 19.

    And I bought a new 460 GTX to help the performance and CM let me down, lol.
    Anyways, will probably last for another 6 months or so, we´ll see...

    Happy Christmas
  16. Laxatron I get 13 fps max mate and it is still playable but more would be better, I just disable the CM GPU fix if it get's too much I must say because wet races aint that many but I love the rubber on the track so keep it and put up with it.

    Happy Crimbo to you to mate.
  17. Im getting average about 45 on a good day, had to remove the ultra dx11 mods for weather I had on though, and thats with a 260 GTX.

    Going to invest in high end ati I think and run duals.
  18. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    I think there will be a small revival coming over Christmas when a lot of people will receive this game as a present. From there onwards activity will go down until the 2011 game will be revealed.
  19. I'm going to be playing it online for the foreseeable future as I have an online championship I am doing. I'm loving the game in any mode really. Even bought my first ever wheel to get the full experience of being a racer. Can't wait for 2011 to arrive and hoping for a spectator mode online similar to GT5 so that you're not sat there looking at the standings for the rest of the race if someone takes you out or you crash. If you wanna add me on PSN for some good online racing then be my guest - PSN-Bachelordad. Online majority of the time
  20. I'm at a loss to see the low framerates being reported at this and other websites. Why are you guys getting such low framerates? What specs are the systems in question? Even though I dislike some aspects of the game...framerate has never been an issue for me personally, either with the original version or the patched one. I get a consistant 46-48 fps at 2304 x 1440 with a GTX470 card. Do you guys have lots of background programs running during gameplay?