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How is the BMW Z4 GT3 in iRacing compared to other games?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Stefan Mizzi, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. Today I have grabbed the promo opportunity and for a few bucks (as I had some credit too) I got a 3 month subscription.

    I have to say that I LOVE the BWM Z4 GT3 in Assetto Corsa , rFactor 2 and also in pCars. They feel awesome to drive in all these 3 games in my opinion...

    Is there someone out there who has tried this car in all the 4 games and tell me if in iRacing it feels as good as the above 3? I Dont want to spend another 12 bucks for nothing...

  2. I think its a great car for iRacing, but it doesn't feel as good as it does in Assetto Corsa, but that's the case for every game compared to AC. It has a lot of traction and grip.
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  3. Thanks mate! :)
  4. Just did a quick 5 lap run at Watkins Glen in each of these cars, the McLaren MP4-12C GT3, RUF RT 12R Track, and BMW Z4 GT3 all of which run in the same class. I'm no alien by any means and was just trying to give you an idea of which is quicker to me. Of course driving styles can obviously play a part.

    RUF RT 12R Track: 1:13.8
    McLaren MP4-12C GT3: 1:14.3
    BMW Z4 GT3: 1:15.5

    While the BMW was the slowest for me, it was easily the most stable and inspired the most confidence. I had better grip and stability with the BMW. It never felt uneasy or had me worried I was about to lose it. In comparison to the other two, it feels slightly slower accelerating which is probably where I lost time. The McLaren felt the quickest to me, but a bit unstable through turns when lifting throttle, it required more work to get good lap times. The RUF was the quickest surprisingly to me because I felt like I was quicker in the McLaren but the clocks don't lie. I felt slightly more stable than the McLaren but still felt on the edge compared to the BMW.
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  5. Update, I went back and run the BMW Z4 GT3 again, thinking maybe I wasn't pushing it hard enough since I had too much grip the first time around and this time I ran 1:13.2. So apparently its every bit as quick as the McLaren and the RUF. To be honest, its so much easier to drive than the McLaren and RUF. It just never feels loose and always feels like you got as much grip as you need. It doesn't give you any "oh ****" moments. I really like it a lot. It still feels slightly slower accelerating than the RUF or the McLaren, but I think it makes up for it in the turns by a long shot.
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  6. Dux


    How do you got pCars?!

    I today subscribed on iRacing too and i have difficulties to set a race
  7. Hehe, thanks for the info mate! Much appreciated ;)
  8. I got pCars long time ago when it was still possible to buy it. It will now be available in Nov 2014 to the public.
  9. I agree :( What I dont like about it is that you always need to buy the new tracks and cars to race with other people.

    But on a positive not, I hadnt touched iracing for many months and it feel much better now. Lets see...
  10. What difficulties are you having getting a race? The schedule is very limited this week because its Week 13. This is the championship week so the regularly scheduled races are all over until the new season starts next week. iRacing runs on a 13 week schedule. The first 12 weeks are regularly scheduled races at different tracks each week where you earn points towards the championship, then the 13th week is just for the championship but they do still have a few races to keep people busy this week. If you just joined iRacing today, you will have to wait until next week to see the full schedule of races again. Not to worry, there's plenty of races in the 13 week schedule every season.
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  11. what was/is the promo opportunity? i jsut got my first membership but depending on the rarity of renewal promos i might just renew now if thats possible.
  12. I've compared it only to AC one which is considered as the best of the three and I'll paste my comparison from testing both cars on Silverstone I've posted on AC forum:

    The first thing is the cars are really similar, I could switch back and forth between them makes without any problem. It wasn't the case some time ago, you could get familiar to iRacing physics but switching back to it after some time in nKP or AC required some time, right now I didn't feel that.

    Tires/physics - IMO the cars behave similar, maybe the iRacing version lower grip when the load is combined (accelerating from tight corners), the car has been able to step out even with TC set to 3, but it wasn't anything deadly, just throttle lift or wheel correction was enough to control the situation. AC car feel bit more responsive, less understeery and more pointy thus bit more enjoyable to drive. In iRacing I couldn't attack the corner so aggressively and if I was to late with breaking it resulted in huge plow missing the apex by a lot. Cannot really say which one is more realistic, but I would give small advantage to AC.

    FFB - remembering FFB from COTA I've expected, that in this area AC will outperform iRacing easily, but IMO the difference wasn't that huge. Of course in Assetto Corsa FFB gives you more information about what's happening with the tires, but at the same time I'm not really fan of the abrupt shaking on bumps and kerbs on my G27 - iR FFB feels more rubbery when you're going over them. Considering the fact, that real BMW Z4 has power steering I would say, that dampened feel you got in iRacing is more realistic, but I know that many will argue, that FFB is the only thing to communicate what's happening with the car, so screw realism and give us as much information as you can.

    Sound - I just can't believe that anyone can prefer AC sound over iRacing one. Maybe you have set just different sound level, maybe my app.ini settings (sampleRate=48000) improve the sound in iRacing so much, but it's just on complete different level and gives iRacing whole new dimension of immersion. AC sounds IMO like a muffled hair dryer while the iR Z4 has aggressive and organic tone. Adding to this phenomenal sound coming from the traction control and distinct shifting clang iRacing wins hands down in this area.

    Graphics - honestly I don't now :), when I'm driving I feel the FFB, hear the car and I'm looking at the track, so cannot say much about the graphics - both cars probably look OK and are accurate :).

    Overall simulation - I've decided to add such a category, to mention about the details which aren't mentioned often, but which are important in my opinion when you judge the level of simulation.
    iRacing car has some very unique features which you won't find in any other simulation, like:
    • simulated automated transmission controlled by the ECU which won't allow over revving the engine while downshifting. I know many people don't like this feature, but it is used in real cars and if so, should be simulated too in the game
    • realistic setup options from the real car. AC is using general setup option for every car, iRacing is building unique setup option for every car corresponding to real life setting, so in iRacing car you got:
      • ABS levels,
      • brake pads friction,
      • engine map settings,
      • throttle shape settings,
      • 2-way ARBs (number of blades and outer diameter in front, number of blades and thickness on rear),
      • traction control model directly connected to engine model and corresponding sound - you not only feel the traction control in action, but you also hear it.
    Summing things up both cars are very good, but I would say, that AC car may feel more fun to drive (for some/many people more immersive if you really like the AC FFB and don't care about sound) but the iRacing one is IMO better simulated.
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  13. Dux


    I had just got out of a race. For my first time there on a track Summit Point Raceway which i drive first time in my life with car SCCA Spec Racer Ford
    i did 1:29.3 while top time was 3 seconds below.

    Joined like 20th and finished like 16, the others were +3 laps of me, i joined lately. However i start to get into it and its great because it allows you to join anytime i think, and thats good from one side.

    I will put video tomorrow
  14. Good job Dusko, not bad at all for your first time. You will find that if you do some testing on the track before the race, you will usually place higher. I'll be completely honest, its hard to actually win a race and that can be frustrating for some people. I've only been playing about 3-4 months and my best placing in a road race has been 4th but it feels so good when you actually get that close when you felt like you really drove a great race. iRacing gets my adrenaline flowing like no other racer simply for the fact that I know everyone is trying just as hard as I am, and there's points at stake. There's a great sense of accomplishment when you actually do well in a race. I've seen people that have been playing for years that have 1000-2000'ish iRatings which is a pretty average player and looking at their records, many of them don't even have a single win, but usually have a lot of top 5 finishes so it just shows, you probably won't win very often unless you're just exceptionally good at sim racing, but it still feels fantastic just competing.

    When you actually start a season next week, the way it works is that you can run the same race as many times as you want during the week, when the week is over, iRacing will take your best finish of the week so if you earn 50 points in one race but never earn that many points again throughout the week, iRacing just takes your highest points earnings during that week. This is pretty cool because it gives you a whole week to try to do the best you can before moving to the next week's race. The amount of points you earn in each race is based on how well you place against the strength of field. So if you place higher in a race where the strength of your opponents was much lower you might not earn as many points as you would if you placed slightly lower in a field of much strong opponents. IRacing tries to pair you up with a field that is close to your iRating so that you're closely matched but that's also dependent on how many people are trying to enter the same race as you are. The more people playing, the better chance you'll get a more closely matched race.
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  15. Just ran a 1:11.0 at Watkins Glen in the BMW Z4 so it certainly has a lot potential. I wasn't the fastest in the group by far. The guys at the top of the hosted session were running 1:06's and 1:07's but they were also doing it with the BMW Z4 against a field of McLaren's and RUF's so I think the BMW is actually quite fast right now.
  16. nice, I did the exact same thing yesterday and come to 100% the same conclusions, though with less knowledge my text would have been more impression and less precise fact. Really looking forward to how these two BMWs will shape up in online racing, this we will test next week, hopefully.
  17. I've come to the same conclusion as many others in this thread. It has a refreshingly high amount of grip and intuitiveness by iRacing standards, but I feel AC's Z4 is still better in the end. The AC version has better turn-in and grip levels which feel a bit more like what I imagine the garden variety GT3 car to have.
    I'm a fan of iRacing's FFB and sound more than AC's, and when the new iRacing season starts, this Z4 will be my car of choice. But I still hope that AC will gain enough of an online following that I can race the Z4 in that sim just as much. I still deem iRacing's Z4 to be worth the money I spent on it, but it goes without saying - while it is more Assetto Corsa-like than any other car in the service to me, nothing is more Assetto Corsa-like than Assetto Corsa itself!
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  18. The track conditions for the GT3 series at Watkins Glen this week are outstanding and the cars are sticking like glue.

    I ran a 1:09.2 last night in the McLaren in time trials after only a few laps. That's 3-4 seconds faster than earlier this week before the new season started. Strangely though, I couldn't beat that time in the BMW Z4 last night, my best lap was 1:10.4 after many more laps. I'm sure the faster guys will be running 1:03's or 1:04's.

    The McLaren just felt awesome.
  19. 1:05s & 6s are normal from what ive seen. im 5-6 seconds slow in the RUF when ive tried :I