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How is gear shifting technique modded?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Stenne, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. Stenne


    I have a G27 Wheel with 3 pedals and an H-box and I have the ambition to drive different mods as realistic as possible. One thing that I find difficult to find out is what the modder has intended in terms of how gear shifting is supposed to be done. Unfortunally there are seldom any information on this in the description of the mod.

    Of course I can find out what kind of gearbox/driveline the real world model has and go for that. But after downloaded and driving quite a large number of mods (without any driving aids) I've noticed that in some cars there are factors influencing the gear shifting set within the mod.
    For example, in Lola T280 you have to lift the throttle on upshifting for the next gear to engage. In some mods one can clearly see that when driving as if it was a sequential-semiautomaic gearbox (i.e. as the modern F1 cars) with full throttle on upshift the gearbox goes to neutral in between and the engine revs up before the next gear is engaged, which calls for a throttle lift. In some mods (SIMCO_RCM2014, Spec Miata) there is even several options for gear change in the Tuning/Upgrade page in the main menu. I've extracted the [rcm_2014_Upgrades.ini] file where it's obvious that there are settings available for the modder to assign specific properties related to gear shifting technique.

    The excellent tool CarStat extracts a lot of information from the mod files but not this. I have also gone through the JSON files and searched different forums but has'nt found anything useful, but perhaps I've missed something.

    So, my question is. How can I find out for a specific mod wheather the modder has set any properties related to gear shifting or if the mod is "open" for my own choice of technique?

    Grateful for any help.
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  2. Stenne


    Had a further look into the mod-files and found out that the HDV-file can be opened as a text file.
    Under the section [DRIVELINE] there are a number of settings related to shifting technique.
    The only one that make some kind of sense to me is the one below.

    SemiAutomatic=1 // Whether throttle and clutch are operated automatically ((like an F1 car)

    So, a complementary question. Are there any other settings in the HDV file that could give a clue to which shifting technique is intended by the modder?

    Again, grateful for any help.