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How far can you go ?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Nathan Williams, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Sooo just wondering whats the furthest you guys have went on a set of tyres, In a 20, 30, 50, 75 or 100% race :) ? Oh and Ive heard about people getting punctures left right and centre but I never seem to get any am I the only one :eek: ?
  2. I did every single lap on Melbourne except the last one on options. I got video proof. Here:
  3. how far can you go with engines? im planning on trying to use just one engine for whole season.. or until it blows up
  4. That's impressive, but I see you have the grip of goat towards the end ;).

    Tbh Glendo I've never changed the engines manually, let me know how you get on with that :)
  5. Broken wing :p
  6. Ahhh right, probably should of seen than :D
  7. I did a 50% race on the N├╝rburgring. On lap 12 or so it became wet enough to switch to inters, and I took those to the end of the race. I finished 3rd having started 10th, and the tires punctured before I got to the back straight.
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  8. 30 laps on primes (white ones - "medium") during practice for a 50% race (can't remember which, probably Valencia) and 18 laps during Monaco GP, also on primes (but this time they were the yellow ones - "soft"). I was going for a two stop strategy (while the AI did 3 stops) and I'd planned to do full 20 laps on those primes, but driving was becoming "slightly" uncomfortable, so I went to the pits for new options 2 laps earlier - it turned out to be a good decision, since even cold options had a lot more grip that those worn out primes :D

    How many axles do they have? ;)
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  9. Sweet mate :). Yeah I think that slightly uncomfortable is maybe the understatement of the century;). Ohhh and for the axle question, I'm not even sure myself ;)
  10. 33 laps on Catalunya with 2 stops strategy (Options, Primes, Options). But after this race I know that more pit stops are almost always better... On first stint I was fighting with Massa, but finished 30 seconds behind him...

    3 stops are the quickest.
  11. I had a video with all tires popped. Thought no-one will care and deleted it. Whoops.