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How does this game work?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Azfalt Raser, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. rFactor noob here,
    I purchased rFactor. Installed it, tried to test it. But I keep getting messages "You cannot drive that car". Seems like everything I select "You cannot drive that car".
    I did pay for the game (through an rFactor website - not Steam) and got my key through email.

    So....how does it work?
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  2. Let's see how long the refund takes.
    Thanks for the help.
  3. It's pretty stupid, but you have to purchase the car you want to drive like Gran Turismo. Credits are earned by winning races or just google rfactor unlimited money for the cheat code.

    Hope this helps.
  4. cool thanks. I really appreciate your response. I kept clicking on some Euro/dollar/pound icons, but nothing was happening.
    Regardless, I found a car I could test rFactor with and WOW!

    I WAS LIED TO! ;) And people need to update their youtube videos. Some of the video quality was horrible and really turned me off to the game.

    rFactor1 looks alot better than people said it would/should. Maybe a better version of GTR2. It looks pretty darn good.

    Now to track down those mods. CART/V8 Supercars :geek::geek: I wonder how much those are? rhetorical question.
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  5. No problem, I had the same issue when I started playing rF. The cars in the CART and other mods are free to purchase. AFAIK only stock content requires credits to purchase and drive.

    I agree that rfactor looks fairly decent considering its age and getting 200+ fps on triples is a nice bonus too. A better version of GTR2? Blasphemy!
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  6. Well, sorry to say, I requested a refund anyway. None of the links I tried worked for the mods.
    thanks anyway
  7. PaulH


    Well if you have sorted your refund & still want to get the game its very cheap over on bundle stars £1.89

    Also if you want to use a money cheat so you can buy any car,
    Load a circuit and type ISI_BABYFACTORY into the chat window, then leave the track & go back to the main menu, do this for each series of car you want :thumbsup: