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How does an f1 actually feel?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by MRGEEUNIT, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Ive heard a lot of people complaining how the game feel to arcadish, then theres the people who claims you cant know how arcadish it is since no one ever tried an f1, Im fortunate enough to live in a city hosting f1(at least until 2014....) I live 1 mile away from the gille villeneuve circuit in montreal, Ive been to many races, Ive seen kubica crash at almost 300 km/h just infront of me, what I mean is I know a lot about f1 and im a great fan, A grand prix week end is like a big party, all over downtown, crescent street is full of f1 chicks(best part) and all other kind of attractions ranging from pit stop competition to wet t-shirt competition, and o they also have f1 simulators, the very same one the pilot uses for training, Ive tried it and from my perspective, f1 2010 re-create the same kind of feeling and even better, remove every aids and drive from the cockpit, believe me it is almost the same, the view is good, speed feeling is good, obviously you dont have the constant g force effect, theres no way to recreate that, apart from a few bugs wich can be fixed with mods or a patch, the game does give a very good impression of how a true f1 feel.

    If anyone wants to know, Ive done a few laps of the circuit in a simulator, my best lap time was around 1.165.., and that is without any aids, ive tried with the wheel of my friend with the same car(was a redbull simulator) on the computer and my lap times where pretty much the same , that is without any aids, with a bit of practice i could probably cut 1 or 2 sec

    SO this thread is dedicated to anyone who think the game is too ''arcadish'' and 'unrealistic' for them........ you obviously dont know how an f1 feel....
  2. I have never driven an F1 car, and I never will. (I will assume this goes for 99.99% of the people on this forum as well).

    Getting the right feel starts with having the right setup. Most "hardcore" sim racers will say the best you can buy off the shelf is a G27. I use one myself. Many times real F1 drivers talk about having to do alot of leg strength training to be able to push the brake.. my G27 is much lighter... those same simmers claim that if you do more then lightly feather the brake they should lock up, yet the real drivers build their legs to jam that pedal as hard as they can....

    Basically, you can't even start to compare what they feel, and what we feel unless we have wheels and pedals with the same resistance to force. That is before you take intertia etc into account.

    The best we can hope for with F1 sims/games in my opinion is, something that makes you feel like you are doing what you see when you watch a race on TV, and nobody can tell you if a game or mod has achieved that but you.
  3. agreed , you dont have the same endurance requirement on a computer and also on the simulators, I remember I had difficulty fitting in the cockpit since im very tall to be an 'f1 driver' , if you look at the pilot they are all slim but with strong leg and arms, they need to be like this, theres no way to recreate that in a game, even with a good wheel setup, you wont even come to close to the feeling they have, but to the people who claims the game is too 'unrealistic' Well, you wont have another game wich is more realistic then that(for now) ive tried r factor, its not even close, the last time I saw a game as close was f1 99-02 career(I think) with the 2005 mod, and you didnt had cockpit view, so thats telling a lot, we havent seen a game as close as reality as f1 2010 since a long time, you think the game is 'unrealistic'? thats fine with me , sorry to tell you but you are wrong.
  4. With respect, you're making the same mistake you're criticising other people of making. None of us know. Arsenal summed it up perfectly....

    "nobody can tell you if a game or mod has achieved that but you. "
  5. F1 2010 isnt an arcade game, but it isnt a proper simulator. A lot of aspects of general physics it gets wrong, you dont need to be a formula 1 driver to know these things. In general its quite forgiving, the ammount of precision needed on the throttle, brakes and with the steering wheel is obviously less than in real life. The way it calculates oversteer is quite horrible, the way the traction works is unnatural, the brakes are almost impossible to lockup and there is almost no feeling transfered from the wheels to the steering wheel (the only connection a gamer has to the car), so many different things in the feel of the cars are clearly not how it is in real life. FVA is likely a much closer to life experience if you want a "simulation" as it gets many of these aspects much better. I found some aspects of Fsone2009 (not all) seemed to reflect real life, the feeling of having control is there, confidence in what you are doing, is something that is there in real life but really hard to reproduce in a game.

    At the end of the day, no simulator is actually close to real life, because the biggest factors that effect us and influence our driving cannot be simulated. The forces, physical contact, your sense of balance, your eyes view in the real world (not a flat screen), perception and field of vision. Those things are so important in racing. Then you have the feel of the hardware, how the car feels to sit in, the way the steering wheel feels to turn, the pressure needed to push the brakes, the extremely loud engine, the helmet on your head. All of those things that while can be simulated are hardware related, regardless of how good the sim software is, you're not going to get hardware that will match these.

    But F1 2010 is not an arcade game, its a well made F1 racing game, its good and the driving experience is good, and it was never meant to be any more.

    If it adds any weight to my post, adrian sutil (who is a big gamer and sim racer himself) said that F1 2010 is great but it is nothing like the real thing, that it is an arcade game, in the sense that it is not a simulator. He is a big fan of Iracing, and being a very talented actual formula 1 driver he is probably one of the most qualified people to speak on the subject.

    But like i said, i love F1 2010... but its not an accurate simulation. It was never meant to be.
  6. Sorry but no, you're wrong, i've also driven one of these promotional simulators the teams use for their you know, promotions, and it's nothing but a watered down Rfactor, with helps on, so everyone that gets a chance can atleast move the car, and put a lap.

    It's also a well known fact, that the Redbull and Williams full blown simulator at their factory is based on Rfactor pro.
    The ISI guys have repeatedly mentioned this... (and how their close colaboration with the F1 teams will be very helpfull for Rfactor2, and blah blah...)

    Enjoy your game for what it is, don't try to make it more than it actually is.
  7. Guys and girls I am here to remind you that F1 2010 is, first and foremost, a commercial product. It is made to sell to the biggest audience possible, and this includes a LOT of people playing this with console controllers. If you made the game as realistic as it can, specially on the brake and throttle department, it would be literally unplayable with the low sensitivity of the throttle buttons on the PS3 and 360 controllers.
    So yeah they tuned it down a bit probably. There's no clutch, for example. There's no F-Duct, hell, there's not even any way to change the brake balance which is probably the most used knob in the steering wheel at a normal race.

    Also about braking, it depends on the speed. If you're flying down the main straight at 200 mph, no matter how much pressure you put on the brakes, they wont lock up at first, the sheer speed won't let them, but you'll get maximum braking force. Then when the car slows down, if you keep the same pressure, they will indeed lock up, so that's when you feather out your foot, less and less pressure till you release the brake. And honestly in the game it's pretty realistic. Try slamming your foot down all the way when you're at 200 mph, no lockup. Slam it all the way at 50 mph, instant lockup.
  8. You can do all you like on an F1 "simulator" at home. You will never get any sort of feel for an F1 car until you can experience the g-forces of braking at the end of a long straight for a hairpin or taking sweeping curves at high speed. All that, and of course the effect of every little bump in the track going straight through your body, and the heat and noise inside the cockpit. If Codemasters had included all those sensations then F1 2010 could have been a great simulator rather than an arcade game.
  9. If ppl play with all aids on then yes its an arcade game (boring imo) but switch them off and it goes from being arcade to sim like (proper good). simples :)
  10. Its good to play. You get out what you put in.
    Turn it all off and make it as hard as you can.
    Then the sence of acheivement will wrap you in its arms when you do a good job... just like frustration does when you dont... ask me how I know!
    Enjoy it for what it is. Very Good Fun!
    My 10p worth!
  11. No, this game is not near a sim, sorry to tell you. It's miles away from things like, say, iRacing.

    How do you know it's not a sim?
    I'm not an ace at driving simulators, yet I can pull off laps faster than the real cars can, in this game (and I'm armed with a very ****ty wheel, Logitech Formula). That's clue enough.
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Hey there is the sim vs arcade discussion again lol.

    @Madscuderia, most of us can beat the times of any real car with all the so called simulators. If that's the benchmark all simulators are arcades.

    To get back on topic: a real F1 car generates so much downforce that it can literally drive on the ceiling without falling off = mega grip in especially high speed corners = crap grip in very low speed corners
  13. just want to say that the a redbull simulator is using rFactor pro! and rfactor hawe great physics and feels good (if a good team has made the mod) so dont say that rFactor is bad or something.... why do you think pro F1 drivers are using it to train? and i bet they will not train in codies f1 2010 next year!

    but iam not saying that codemasters "game" is bad i never tried it actully....

    also i want to say that these simulators does not feels like a real f1 non of them becouse you need all gforces simulated on your body if you want it to feel real!
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Only a handful of f1 teams are usinig rfactor pro. Others use homebuild simulators or the software of Crüden (the maker of Racer that you can play here for free)
  15. I do tend to agree with bram.

    The reason i think it has a sim feel unlike a arcade style game is because with no aids you have to feather the throttle/be on the right line/ brake at the correct point etc.. and all this takes practice and some skill to do quick laps. I see where your coming from with your argument but if your going to pick up on fine details ie.. the lap times like you mentioned then we can bring everthing into account like a missplaced tree or a wrong advertisment banner etc..

    Perhaps calling it a sim is not strictly true, but its by no means an arcade style game either when you play with aids off.
  16. Ive never said its was as 'realistic' as real life, there is no way to recreate that, impossible, you wont even come close with a simulator but its the closest you can get, and to the people who said the simulator was based on rfactor... I dont think we tried the same simulators, Ive played R Factor, its just not made to be an f1 simulator, I dont see why the f1 teams would take it as a base, ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE...

    f1 2010 is the most 'realistic' f1 game on the market at this time, but it still far from being real, you will never have real

    want to know how it feel in real life? watch this video

    ps: Ive never tried I racing but ive seen video of gameplay and heard how it was from my f1 addict friend, if you think I racing is most close to the real thing then f1 2010, then you have the wrong impression of f1, no disrespect but this is how it is...
  17. Sorry, but alot of them do use an rF based simulator. It is not an opinion, it is fact.

    Source: http://www.rfactor-pro.com/
  18. On the subject of Rfactor, As a sim its amazing for its age and i don't think that in terms of physics F1 2010 is even in the same league, however... Rfactor Pro is not Rfactor, none of the formula 1 cars we drive in that game are anywhere near what the formula 1 teams use for their own testing, neither is the commercial game anything like Rfactor Pro. I also doubt that the F1 cars we drive in Rfactor are accurate simulations of real life F1 cars, but the car physics in general are very good, it has depth and complexity to the driving at a level far beyond that of any codemasters game. Some of the subtle things are some of the most important.

    Il say as i have many times though, the closest "simulation" available to the commercial market is probably Ferrari Virtual Academy (The brakes in that sim are spot on, very tricky but rewarding) , or very soon Iracing with its Williams F1 car. As much as i love FVA, i have played and enjoyed many more hours on F1 2010, and if i had to keep one i would probably keep F1 2010, i've grown to love it.

  19. Rfactor pro, as far as i know, is the same basic Rfactor engine, but modular, so the teams can easily setup their new front wings, diffusers, tyres, engine mappings, etc... every setting you can think of.

    The Rfactor F1 mods aren't the same thing as an official F1 team simulator, but not because of the engine, they aren't a 100% accurate because modders are doing guess work, while f1 teams have their real life data and don't have to guess.

    And i understand what your saying, F1 2010 isn't the best F1 sim, but it's the best F1 game, kinda like GP4 at it's time, it wasn't really great physics wise, but it was very well complete as a game.
  20. Maybe in commercially available simulators such as iRacing or whatever, the lap times are beatable against real laps with the same, but not by a full 5 seconds like it happens in F1 2010.