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How do you win?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by plague, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I got the game today for PC and first thing I had trouble with was my controller having a preset layout. It's Logitech Rumblepad II and it got detected. But the layout is not suitable for me and since it didn't allow me to edit, I had to manually map all the keys to the way I want it to.

    Then I started the career. Before I got the game, I read in forums where everyone kept saying the game is very easy in the hardest level. So I decided to go for medium difficulty. When I started the career, I kept ending up at the last place (in practice, qualifying and race). I then switched difficulty to easy and still I keep losing.

    This is very strange because I didn't have this problem in any other racing games I've played. Even F1 2006 which I played in PS2 was pretty easy for me.

    So I'm curious. Are the career supposed to be very difficult initially? The objective was to qualify within 20 and be ranked 18 in the race. But I can't even get to 23.

    Or am I missing something? Please advice.
  2. Some claim it is too easy, some claim it is too hard. I find myself fortunate because on Legend AI I generally end up where I should for my car (some tracks like Catalunya and Gilles Villeneuve are an exception.)

    If you are finding it too hard on easy then maybe try with some of the driver aids on (ABS, TC). Other then that, just have patience and don't get frustrated. It will come in time. Of course moving from a gamepad to a wheel will be a big help, but is not feasible for everyone.
  3. Hi,

    I'm a bit confused on what ABS stands for. Can u explain pls? I saw that in the option but didn't know what it is.

    I also have breaking assistance enabled. Read in a few other posts that it slows down the car considerably. It wasn't a problem in F1 2006 but seems to be a big issue in 2010.

    Maybe I should try without it and see.
  4. ABS would be the braking assistance (Anti-Lock Braking System). I am not sure if it slows the car unrealistically, I haven't tried it.

    Do you find you are having problems with braking or is it more when you are accelerating? You may want to have Traction Control on as well if you have a hard time accelerating without wheelspin/loss of control.
  5. Honestly I keep noticing that I slow down when my gearbox/engine heats up (turns red). I got the car setup from here (one of the forum posts) which was appreciated by many and configured my gearbox accordingly but still it goes into red.

    Right now I am doing Bahrain in 1st yr as Virgin Racer. In Sector 2, the gearbox/engine is red most of the time. And that is where I keep losing speed.

    My gear shift is automatic so I don't understand why it is happening.

    Hope you can shed some light on this. I would really appreciate it.
  6. I don't think I will be able to shed too much light I am afraid.. I haven't used the automatic gearbox so I am not sure if it is causing your problems.

    Alot of the setups you find on the forums here are designed for a car with no fuel and all of the upgrades as you drive in Time Trial mode. I have found with all of them my gear ratios need to be adjusted (usually lowered) to work in the car I am using in my career. You said you have configured your gearbox accordingly so I am assuming you did that as well.

    All I can really suggest is, try turning all of the aids off that you can. Maybe they are slowing the car unnaturally (in rFactor with many mods using aids would incur a weight penalty). I know with a gamepad shifting manually may be an issue.

    Sorry I can't be of any more help, but I am playing on pc with a full wheel/pedals/TrackIR setup.. I am probably not the best one to give you advice... just tying to help ease your frustration lol.
  7. gearbox on red because of the bumps on the track in sector 2
    try the dry quick setup with your engineer (the most on the right one) then adjust only the gearbox to be near 300kmh on the first straight line, and just put more front camber, and engine mapping on Fast
    try better force india they are better than Lotus Virgin

    you can try with this setup on Time Trial mode too and after 20 laps with your ghost you'll improve seconds
  8. Good advice, but he is doing it in career so engine mapping will not be available at Bahrain. Also Force India will not be an option if he is doing a 7 year career.
  9. oops
  10. part one is that you should turn on ABS and TC, as those are imo annoying to do when you are playing it with a controller or keyboard as you do not have limited input, you give full throttle or no throttle, thas all. With that you should turn off braking, that will help you significantly as the AI braking points(the ones you will probably be using too with the game then) are way too soon on the track and some full throttle corners you will be slowed down due to this. You wil see an significant improvement for sure.
  11. sounds like a silly question but have you turned the braking assist off as this makes the car brake automatically and you dont even have to use the brake this seems to be the only plausable reason why the car slows down on its own.

    The only other thing i could say to you is just practice it does help and the wins will come sooner or later.

    I had the same problem i started on medium AI ABS off TCS on fuel and tyre sim on damage full etc and i found it hard in my first races so i quit to the paddock and did the first four races on custom GP.

    Eventually it started to get easier as it will dont give up yet :)
  12. James Chant

    James Chant

    Ha, I was so desperate to win early on, especially after a 2nd in Australia in season 1. Didn't come til Istanbul for me but was worth the wait. Stick it out. You won't regret it. I regret not settling for lower positions, as I only aim for a win each time now, and want to throw the xbox out the window when i dont.

    You dont lose anything by not winning anything your first season, just meet your teams objectives for the season and all is good.
  13. +1

    If we were getting truly realistic results then a win in the first couple of seasons should be pretty near impossible.
  14. I have it on. Gave it a try without Braking Assistance and ran off the road or spun many times within a single sector. Really hard to do without wheels.

    I'm not aiming for the top. I'll be happy if I can make the objectives but I can't seem to do that either.

    Did a proper analysis. Tried with different teams and so on. Lotus seem to be faster than Virgin or HRT. And I compared my racing with Trulli. I beat him in both Sector 1 and 3 by a good .500 but on Sector 2, he beat me by 2.100 which is too much of a difference. And I didn't make any mistake like running off the road or anything. Tried to stay in the lane indicated and was pushing the throttle to max since it automatically switches gear and breaks.

    I'm curious if anyone managed to reach the objective in career with all the assistance on (easy mode). If not, then the game is not supposed to be played on Easy mode at all.
  15. I am using the dry setup (the last one in the right side) but I do not understand what u mean by adjusting the gearbox to be near 300kmh. Which gear are you talking abt in that? And what would you advice on the front camber adjustment?

    The rest as Arsenal said are not available for me right now.
  16. Thanks for the help anyway. I really miss my wheels and pads. That box got left back in my old place when I moved and then it was dumped by the owner who didn't realize how much worthy it is. And I haven't spent that much for another wheel since then. :(
  17. I took the WDC in my first season with all aids off except TCS on the Vanilla game, its not as hard as it seems when you run 100% races. The trick is fuel map settings and pacing yourself, I was in 17th to 22nd in the Virgin for 90% of almost all the races, once guys started pitting, I threw fuel map back up to standard and began running down guys by .5 a lap for about the last ten laps of each race, many pit with a few laps to go, dynamic weather can be a race maker or a race braker, it all comes down to how well you tire manage and strategy manage. I won the WDC in Virgin with three wins, betting out Webber by a handfull of points, and took his ride the second season :/

    Now that I use mods to make the AI faster and Damage more realistic, its much more difficult, but im at monaco now in a Williams (Jaguar mod) using the AI Fuel and Later Breaking mod and 200% Damage, I rarely dont use the sims, and I'm leading Rosberg in the points by 12 points.

    How do I win? Generally...by driving fast and managing my tires like they're my babies.
  18. Also, just curious about your times. How fast did u do in your lap as a beginner in the Career's 1st season Bahrain race? My best has been 2min 09sec. The leader is around 2min 01sec.
  19. At Sakhir I run race laps (late race on options, since I run 100% races most of the time):
    RBR's Second Car - 1'59'500 range (Then got a puncture on the second last lap, of a 100% race. Sigh. What a way to start F1 season 2, and RBR Driver season 1...)
    Williams (Jaguar) - 2'01'700 range (in GP mode, not in season, in season I no longer run this track with Tire Sim on)
    Virgin - I can barely remember, but it was a 2'02 or a 2'03 with tire sim off

    No aids except mid TCS (which should honestly be 'low' tcs since there is no 'low') Tire and Fuel sim on, 100% race

    Qualification times, I've seen high 1'57's in the RBR. I've seen members here apparently reach the low 1'52's and even into the 1'51's :/

    FYI, my leaders at Sakhir in the late race run 1'58's and in Qualification I've seen 1'56's from the RBR's and Ferrari's.
  20. I guess I have to give up because my fingers hurt by holding onto the buttons most of the race and end up last. :(

    Not sure if I can make it with this controllers. I really wonder how everyone who claim this AI to be very easy win these races. I've always been able to win/complete all the other racing games and I even lapped the 2nd racer in medium difficulty in F1 2006 PS2.

    So I'm at a loss on what I can do in here. Maybe I should wait until I am able to buy my wheels and pads again.