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How do YOU restore your faith in this game?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Dyrgl, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. I´m sure we all hate the current situation the game is in. Pretty much everything you try, the game ruins it. Races with pitstops are a recipe for disaster. Rolling starts are a joke. Invisible walls await you. Corner cutting detection does not work...

    But we´re still here after all. There must be something good under all this mess. In my case, after a frustrating session of gameplay, my cure is to drive the BAC Mono around in free practice mode. The FFB is supreme for this car, and it´s just SO fun to drive that puts a smile on my face again. I can´t recommend enough this car to everybody, and a video says more than anything I can write. I hope this helps people to get into this car, you never see online races with it:(

    mod-edit: you can post your videos here http://www.racedepartment.com/media/
    Thanks mod, didn´t know about no embedding on threads thing. Posted it in the correct place now, and with your link anyone interested can have a look.:thumbsup:

    So, let´s go to the point: what is it for you that keep you comming? What do you do with this game after it screws you to get back into it again? What keeps you playing this game? What particular car-track combo restores your faith?
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  2. I like:
    Lotus 72D at Watkins Glen GP - my favorite right now
    GT3 MP races at Spa, Silverstone GP, Monza, Bugatti (I rarely have MP issues)

    patch 2.0 may be here soon - fingers crossed
  3. I'm really liking the RUF GT3's at present in career mode, only thing pissing me off is being unable to save car setups in the pits, keeps going back to default. also the length of races they could be longer. I only use Pcars and gsce now.
  4. The only thing that might bring me back to racing pCars is when they fix the current multiplayer issues. I'll give them a chance, I'll test patch after patch, but there is no excuse for them to have the game in this state about 2 to 3 months after release.

    I come back because I really like the atmosphere when I'm racing but only if it works..
  5. A quick Z4 GT3 race with a full day/night/day cycle usually reminds me that there's great potential in this, if they can iron out the numerous creases. The things the game does well, it does superbly.
  6. Arne Dopudja

    Arne Dopudja
    Leader of the infamous Chevy Gang.

    It has a good feel, it looks nice and it's easy to use. I can set any weather on any track at any time and drive any car I want. Enjoyable. :D
  7. Leynad777


    I like the game and the most problems i have in Multiplayer (forced bumper camera, locked menu). Career-Mode is fine and for some bugs like not saving setups in pit and pitstop-action, there´s a workaround.

    If you like a more feisty FFB, put up the SoP strength-/laterlal-/differential FFB-forces to values like 20/160/160 (instead of 0/0/0), but decrease main force and/or Fy to avoid clipping. This is changing a lot with many cars.

    Patch 1,5 is in the testing phase already and hopefully fixes the biggest problems.
  8. It´s funny because I thought I would be driving the Formula A a lot but it´s one of the cars with the worst FFB of the bunch. The wheel goes mega light as soon as you turn, and if you bump the overall levels up it becomes rock hard in the center. They botched the presets for (probably) the most popular car in the game, it´s outrageous.
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  9. ill wait until the game works properly before buying it , thanks for the notes guys :rolleyes:
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  10. I hope I had been half as smart as you :(
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  11. Never lost my faith in it, haven't had any issues at all, I only play in solo mode though
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  12. May I ask then, how you have any faith at all in a time trial simulator only in 2015?
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  13. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    You must be looking for the Assetto Corsa section, it's Your REAL Time Trial Simulator. :laugh:

    I'm not sure why, but I haven't really encountered any of these issues or bugs with the game (other than the AI being slightly aggressive at times, which was somewhat mended with the last patch). I've done mostly career races, they are very enjoyable and challenging and I haven't really encountered any of the bugs people are constantly complaining about. In fact, overall it's been very entertaining and fun, two things I've been missing from sims lately. (Getting the FFB dialed in was a bit maddening though :O_o:).

    The only thing that makes me lose faith is visiting the forums and seeing all the ridiculous whinging from people. But luckily the solution to that problem is simple. ;) The game isn't perfect, certainly has some issues, but the issues haven't stopped me from enjoying it and they're working on ironing out things so I'm sure my experience will only improve as time goes on.
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  14. I´ll ignore your potshot at AC because unlike you, I don´t have an agenda, and throwing rubbish at the competition isn´t going to make this crap we happen to be talking about any better.

    You haven´t played much then mate. There´s no challenge whatsoever, and let´s forget about fun. And let me speak with facts instead of using vague statements like you. "It´s fun" or "it´s challenging" is not feedback, is empty talk. AI is worthless because:

    - They´re too slow at 100%
    - They can´t race for their lives: brake too late, get slow exit, repeat. That´s all they do.
    - If it rains, they exist in a paralell universe.
    - They can´t do a decent standing start for their lives, rendering qualifying a waste of time.

    There´s 0 enjoyment to get from racing them because of these issues. If you have half a clue you´re miles faster than them, and if you´re on their pace they can´t race at all.

    No, it isn´t perfect. In fact it´s terrible, a terrible unfinished utter mess. If the issues haven´t ruined your experience, I say again, you haven´t played much. Anything involving a standing start, a pitstop, or variable weather has a very big chance of ended up ruined. And even without these elements, the game excels at finding ways to destroy a good race with all sorts of one-off ridiculous stunts.
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  15. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    My apologies, I didn't realize that my definition of fun had to be the exact same as your definition of fun. I must have been on drugs for the 70+ hours I've been having fun in pCARS, because obviously there's no fun to be had.

    Whereas I have hundreds of hours in AC and never found it to be all that enjoyable (quite dull and bare-bones actually), but obviously my definition of "fun" is flawed because you had fun with it and therefore I should have fun with it. My mistake.

    But, in the famous words of Bram, could you please tell me what my agenda is? Because I didn't realize I had one (other than enjoying something that somebody else doesn't enjoy).
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  16. All you can play is the subjectivity card because there´s nothing measurable good about this game. You can say whatever but I´m sure there´s NO ONE in this planet whose definition of "fun" playing a racing game is racing an slow, dumb, and dangerous AI. Can you dispute any of the points I mentioned before? No? Too bad, that would have meant something, unlike saying "but I have fun".

    Oh yeah, forgot one thing... Your agenda is to pamper your favourite racing game and bash the rest. And I reiterate: dumping a truck of rubbish on the competition isn´t going to change the state of this game. Keep at it, it just shows what´s your only target.
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  17. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    Like I said, it was clearly my fault for having a different opinion than you do. In the future, if I find anything to be "fun" I'll clear it with you first to be sure I'm not mistaken. I was under the impression that "fun" was a purely subjective thing and different people find different things to be fun or not fun, clearly I was wrong.

    I also wasn't aware that pCARS was my favorite game, up until this point I hadn't considered it to be (I had mistakenly awarded that title to GSCE). Though in my defense, I didn't realize that because I had fun with a game it meant that was my favorite game and I now consider all others to be garbage. But I appear to be a bit confused on this "fun" situation, so I'll just make sure not to have fun in any games to avoid further insults to you.
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  18. You realize you´ve been playing semantic games and pointless exercises for like 4 posts by now? 0 content about the problems raised. ZERO. You´re moving the discussion to vague stuff with absolutely no meaning at all, trying to feud without knowing well why. "But I have fun" posts won´t change the state the game is in. Throwing crap on other games won´t do that either. Complaining about the complaints won´t do anything either. And the fact that that´s the best you can do to defend the game is quite telling.

    It´s not too late to start discussing the topic if you really want to! Do you disagree with any of the problems raised? It seems that way given your attitude and the complains about the complainers. Well, counter them with actual points and facts about the game at hand... if you can. Explain why the AI isn´t as bad as I said, and what of the specific weak points mentioned is not actually there. Explain why the pit bugs aren´t that important and how they don´t ruin the experience in any race with pitstops. Explain how you can do smooth long races without the game ruining them. Explain how it´s not true EVERY SINGLE STYLE of race starts has serious issues making every race a joke.

    FP remains the only trouble free activity in this game. And by trouble I mean massive sh1tstorms ruining everything, no matter how basic, from starts to pitstops to basic rules enforcement. You don´t agree? Fine, challenge it. But not with potshots at the competition and vague posts. With examples and facts instead.

    I think I guessed by your attitude you disagreed about PCARS being a TT game only at the moment. Now, tell me what you think you can do besides TT, and I´ll tell you how EXACTLY the game will ruin it. Go ahead. Give me your plan for a nice little race, be it SP or MP, and I´ll tell you what you´ll have to pray not to ruin your day.
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  19. I dont get your point? When i say solo mode i mean solo races, no problems there that i have experienced.
  20. I guess you mean racing AI. Problems:

    1) They can´t start, you always gain like 5-7 places before turn 1. They lift in a straight line for no reason on the way into T1.
    2) They are too slow even at max difficulty.
    3) They can´t race. They always come steaming into corners and exit them like snails. Once you´re out of divebomb range they can´t touch you.
    4) If you pit there´s a high chance of your pitcrew job having reset to nonsense pressure and compound values.
    5) If you pit there´s a reasonable chance of getting flat tyres.
    6) If any sort of dynamic weather comes in, you´ll be in a paralel reality with different grip levels to them. Race over.

    Basically, a waste of time.
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