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How do you record brake input cheaply when you do track days?

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by St3fan, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. St3fan


    I just finished my first 2 days on track a few weeks back and I'm reviewing my online sessions and getting ready for my next one at the end of this month. When I was on track the last time, I had one very specific aim for each session, and didn't not pay attention to anything else. For example I said to myself before my second to last session I needed to improve my Turn 5 entry and that was all I was focusing on. I didn't pay attention to my car control over all, and I can't even remember where I started to give gas.

    As a result I wish to record my inputs during track days so after that I can carefully study my lap and try to find places I need to improve. I bought a OBDLink LX data reader and paired it with my phone. But then after playing with a few apps including Torque Pro and Track Addict, I realize that they can only see throttle%, but there is no information about my brake inputs. After searching for a few onboard videos with data overlaps I notice that most of them actually do not have brake input information either. I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong, or if the OBDII scanner is not able to get brake data. What is the cheapest way to have some brake input data recorded?