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How do you lower the background image?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Emery, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. I've boo-booed. I've started a "mostly level" venue and didn't bother starting with altitude data. I've raised some terrain and then needed to lower other points. Oh, but that put those points below the background image!

    So is there a way to drop the background image below the lowest points of my multi-track venue?
  2. no idea emery, but (I understand it is a stupid answer) why do not select all points of the track and then drag them up?
  3. Moving the track isn't much of an option as it's multiple tracks and you can't select them all in operation, so you have the tedious task of adjusting each one after moving them.

    Also, the terrain doesn't move with the track, so then you have to go back and move the terrain anchors and carefully realign everything. (there isn't some trick that I'm missing when moving a track, is there?)
  4. sorry Emery, I didn't understand you have still made the terrain... about tracks I suppose you can move them one by one and is not terrible, but terrain... I'll try to read the manual because of your issue is very interesting and I'm not an expert (as you saw!!!)
  5. Are you exporting to rFactor?
    Maybe try the "Adjust height" options in the export box.
  6. Well... I gave up and went back to the beginning. Sometimes you just gotta do that.

    Also decided to go with the walls-as-ground-marks approach to the extra tracks. For that, I start with a track, add terrain, then remove the track, fill with terrain, and finally add the wall with a road texture.