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How do you edit ripple strips in v0.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by FerrariMan96, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. I'm Running BTB Version and I was watching Brendons Youtube Video about Ripple Strips in BTB.

    He shows how you can edit a ripple strip ie make it flat or high (like the difference between Kerbs at Adelaide Street Circuit and Magny-Cour).

    I watch what he does but I cant do it in the Objects or SObjects menus.

    PLZ HELP! I Want High Ripple Strips for my track

  2. You are editing them in the 3Dbox and not the 2d arn't you ????????
  3. Yeah, i am
  4. SObjects, Properties, increase the middle value of the 3.

  5. Thx. Will Try Later

    EDIT: Well, i don't exactly see what you mean. Could you please add more detail or maybe a series off screens?
  6. Your right as far as I can see, (and i've been trying all day). I've only been able to edit height width and lenth in the object editor and not in the SObject editor.
    Question: if you edit the height in object editor does it carry that height edit into SObjects when you lay down a string of ripplestrips.
    Or is it activated by a keyboard input.
  7. To edit the SObject, you select it (via the Move SObjects button) then go to the Object Pieces tab, select Pattern (there's nothing under Start and End) then select Scale. By selecting Pattern you scale all components equally, but you can scale them individually too.
  8. ok, thx. i'll try that one later. God i pray it works this time.
  9. btb.jpg

    1. Click on "patterns" as highlighted
    2. Tick "scale"
    3. The second value will change the depth/height of the ripple strip
  10. Thx, Stupid me i dont think i actually ticked the scale box.
  11. I used this feedback recently and it helped me greatly. Oddly though I am now finding the SO ripples are not "working" and I'm concerend that I may not be selecting the right properties for them. Can someone please advise what the correct properties are for the SO ripples should be so that I get feedback from them through my FFB wheel? Right now it is as if they are not even there... Thank you!