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How do you brake?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by bommer, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. HEJ.




  2. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    watch your caps lock :D

    depends on how you race. if you fail to steer in, try to brake erlier, and downshifting with care, but the pros can advice you more clearly on that :thumb:
  3. Hey, i don't brake at all! :)

    Brake earlier if your car is acting wierd ...

    Hej fra Danmark :D
  4. Quotes from RD setup guide:

    Brake Pressure:The brake pressure is used to adjust the amount of pressure which is translated from your input.

    Brake Bias: Brake Bias is easy to understand, More bias to the front will mean the front wheels will lockup first and visa versa if bias set more th the rear.

    With this information the idea is the set the bias and pressure in such a way the brakes dont lock but slow you down quick enough to enter corners at the speeds your trying to enter them at.
  5. Brake before turning.

    Slow in, fast out, especially if preceeding a long straiight
  6. Find a good brake marker at each corner of a track and use it, if you find yourself in the back of the corner, brake a little earlier, if you pull up short of the turn in point, brake a little later.
    Also don't jump on the brake or use it like a digital switch (full on/full of) ... eg, try to press the brake more gradually so you don't lock up the wheels, increase pressure to max, and then ease the brake off at the end of the braking rather than just releasing it - helps keep suspension settled and so improves your traction.
    Last point - locked up/sliding tyres don't stop as quickly or give you as much control as moving ones (think how ABS works).

    Now if I could put all this into practice at every corner of every track, I would be a good un :wink:
  7. Braking is a very personal thing, everyone has their own take on how its best, I find each corner is different and the braking zones have more or less grip, also the same for each car, therefore every corner/braking zone should be treated differently. The best thing to do is experiment with different things, try braking less hard, sounds silly? well i see so many people brake too hard too late and just end up locking their brakes. You loose more time to locking brakes than you do to braking early. My rule is whatever I do dont lock my brakes. There are alot of setup tweaks that can help also, the only real advice I can give is to get out there and try everything until you find something that your happy with.

    good luck :)
  8. Well for me i experiment with the markers. Then when i find the right one, i average about 3/4 of the braking pressure, then as i approach the turning point i gradually come off of the brakes. that seems to keep me stabalised when entering corners.
  9. wud any of u consider running the brake pressure down in the 60's or 70's or is that way too low? i hav serious problem with the wheels locking....
  10. The only time I have gone that low in brake pressure was in full wet conditions. Normally I never go much below 90 for a WTCC car. It may be dependent on which controller you use, I have a G25 and the braking control is quite good with this wheel. If you are driving a FWD WTCC car, you can be very aggressive with the downshifting to aid braking. Don't get too aggressive with the RWD cars though.

    BTW, I'm not one of the fast guys here, so who knows if I'm right.
  11. Warren, that is pretty much how i do it :)
  12. For me, in dry conditions :
    - If locking the brakes often -> 90% brake pressure.
    - Otherwise 100% and decremental braking : hit hard first, then release a bit your brake pedal, as to NOT lock :) .
    Of course, during the race, the tyres are sliding more and more, so you have to be careful after 10+ turns when applying full pressure.
  13. Try always break before curve if u break inside ure gonna loose time and the track.
  14. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    I concur.

    Its been awhile since I drove a WTCC RWD cars, nasty cars when braking and downshifting. Ideally I think for the RWD cars the brake bias should be around 60/40 to fronts or even more depending on the track.
  15. I would say - learn the car, learn the track, learn the corners and maybe your steering device. As someone metioned a good way to handle a braking problem is finding a marker for each turn. Of course it will take a lot of time to get used to it.
  16. I put the brake pressure at 100% and adapt the pressure on the pedal if the wheel locked.
  17. Absolutely agree the RWD BMW is a different kettle of fish!
  18. I find braking like Loeb (see link) to be stable and quicker and fundamentally quicker exit but i do find that in touring car racing this leaves me open to late brakers. Guess Loeb doesn't have to worry about this. Basically slam the breaks and then pump them is best for stopping.

  19. yes thats wot iv always done myself :)
  20. I find it more staight forward to brake on tight corners because there always seems to be an obvious braking point and an obvious apex. I struggle with long, sweeping bends because the braking points and apex's are a big grey area.
    What I mean is, if it's a tight corner I:-
    1) brake before it and find the apex speed
    2) start turning
    3) bomb it out of the apex reducing steer angle as I go
    With long bends I seem to spend way too much time coasting at a consistent speed somewhere between 1) and 2).
    The only way around this seems to be braking whilst turning (isn't this trail braking?) which can cause instability. I hope I'm making sense, I'm not that great at explaining things.