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How do i upgrade my car?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by AprilSwift, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. I have accomplished a lot of upgrades but i have no freaking idea how to add them in when i practice.
  2. are you second driver or first place driver?
  3. ummm lol i have no idea but i have a team mate that is not doing so well.
  4. its your first season is it?
  5. Yes it was but now i am in my 2nd second season and i have just unlocked some R&D but have no idea how to make sure its on every race. And how do i adjust my wings during driving ? Oh i just found out i am the senior driver this season.
  6. the screen at the front of your car during practice and qualys click on that and go through till you see the upgrade menu and all the stuff will be in there aslong as you are first place driver you can do that if your not you wont be able to hope that helps and ive never been first place driver but i assume thats where and how you do it also it depends on what upgrades you have if they are just throttle map settings then they are in the same screen but on the custom setup page in the engine menu :)
  7. Ohh all i see is highlighted dark squares are those installed upgrades? i dont see any fancy icons ...
  8. yeah those are the installed ones
  9. Thank you Lucas. Oh so it upgrades my car automatically then i only see one fancy icon but after the race the cool fancy icon is gone but the squares remain darker then the ones that are not installed.
  10. no probs here to help if anything else is bothering you in the future feel free to ask i'll try my best to answer :)