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How do I turn of the ghost car in TA or in the replay?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Douglas Lundberg, May 11, 2008.

  1. as the title says "how do I turn of the ghost car in TA or in the replay?"
  2. There is the possibility to assign a key to disable the ghost in the options. You have to trigger it every single round, so you might put it where you can easily reach it :)
  3. found it, thank u marc
  4. Is there a way to turn off the ghost in TA mode? I can't find it and in some of the mods I can barely see the track for the ghost image.
  5. You can assign a button for it in the Controls menu, as it is written above.
  6. Found it - thanks!! :alla:
    My eyes must be tired --- bet I looked 3 or 4 times and didn't see it.:ambulance:
  7. welcome m8, we help each other as we can. :)
  8. can you help when I follow your ghost,I do not get past it :bear_cool:
  9. LOOOL Rami i also need help with that ....
  10. You can alternately permantly disable the ghost by changing some settings in your now unencrypted PLR file. At the bottom of your graphics options you'll find the lines to change.
    Set them all to zero and you'll be golden.
    Ghost min alpha distance="0.00000"
    Ghost max alpha distance="00.00000"
    Ghost min alpha value="0.00000"
    Ghost max alpha value="0.00000"
  11. @Kyril - Very cool.

    Is the alpha distance how far in front? And is the alpha value for how visible it is?

    Mostly I like the ghost car, but it's really dark in some of the mods and it blocks my view of the track when I'm behind it.

  12. Not really sure of the values, I've never really played around with them but to set them at zero. However I do know that higher min/max alpha distance and max alpha value will make the ghost less transparent. You can always try different settings from default for yourself and figure it out tho.
  13. plz can someone write what the original values are? i changed it to zero and now i want it as it was before :p stupid as i am, i didn't write the original values down before i changed to zero :p
  14. Here ya go :)

    Ghost min alpha distance="1.10000"
    Ghost max alpha distance="110.00000"
    Ghost min alpha value="0.00000"
    Ghost max alpha value="0.90000"
  15. thx kyril :thumb: