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How do I stop spinning out?!?!?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Vincent Bihn II, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have always considered myself an above average driver. Not great but pretty good. I have only played one other driving game and that’s the GT series. GT1, GT4 and now GT5 and have done well with all of them. But this 2010 F1 game is driving me crazy and is making me think I’m not as good as I thought I was. LOL

    I have done the first race in career mode probably close to 15 times now. I play it with everything turned off. I do really well for a while but inevitably I spin out and almost always it happens while going slowly around a sharp turn. I have tried everything to not spin but I always do. Tried going more slowly, tried adjusting things on the car, etc….. Some things help a little but not enough.

    Is there any advice you guys can give me to help me from spinning out all the time. I’m too stubborn to turn traction control on. I’m also too stubborn to continue on in any position less than 18th. Which is why I keep doing the 1st race over and over. I haven’t even tried another track yet (Yeah I got issues). Spinning out once and a while wouldn’t bug me to much but I can’t seem to get through a single race without doing it.

  2. Don't floor the gas. Ease on to it slowly until you feel the car catch the road. Then floor it.
  3. Yeah I do that. Maybe I have to do it even more. But it seems if I go slow around the sharp turns I don't spin but then fall behind in the overall race. Maybe more than learning how not to spin I need to learn patience and humility :o)

    Any other advice? Car set ups maybe? Like more of this or less of that?


    PS....love your sig :o)
  4. Its not something that you are instantly good at, I use no TCS and am pretty quick but it took a lot of practice.

    Whether your using Steering Wheel or Controller its possible. My trick has always been use half throttle until fully in a straight line. Once that has been mastered you can start to practice being heavier on the throttle. Half throttle out of a corner is still loads of punch!! Use Cruise or preferabaly Standard throttle mapping until you get used to the throttle before slamming it onto Fast. Dont apply much power if out on a rumble strip, much more likely to spin.

    Dont give up, its tottaly possible and once you have mastered you will love it.
  5. Try moving the rear chamber 1 point to the right. This will flatten out the rear wheel giving more grip. Helped me, may help you :)
  6. Do all the things described above, but if the back end still starts stepping out, then tap the brake pedal and it will bring it back in, rather than leaving the car to spin right out.
  7. Ah yes good point!! Its a bit of a cheaty thing to do as it wouldnt work in real life but it can definetely get you out of all sorts of problems in this game :)
  8. Im assuming your racing without the Traction Control assist, that means that in order to control the car, you have to be progressive and controlling with your throttle application. It requires alot of practice, its not something you can be instantly good at. I drive with TC OFF all the time, and even though im a competent driver, even I have the odd spin out now and again. I would recommend driving with the TC on MEDIUM just until you get a feel for the charicteristics, then switch it off once you feel happy with that. The key is simply practice, its like driving a car or riding a bike, once you get the hang of applying the throttle smoothly, you will be driving without any problems at all.

    Its is paramount to watch the aggression of applying power when exiting a corner, you need to be bring the wheel back as straight as possible before applying full power, especially at low speeds. If you watch the f1 drivers in real life, before applying full power on corner exit, they try and bring the wheel straight first. If your applying power with some steering still on, your asking for a spin.

    Also, be aware that all manner of things will effect traction and grip, for example how "green" the circuit is (there is more grip during race than practice because cars will have laid more rubber on the track throught the race weekend) and also setup has a bearing on handling too. If you look through this forum, most of the optimum setups you see, will involve shifting the "ballast distribution" forwards on the car. This hightens front end grip, particularly in slower corners where the car struggles for downforce. The reprocussions of this is that the back end is now lighter, so more car needs to be taken when applying throttle. Thats why on slow circuits like monaco and singapore, where you are constanty accelarating for low speeds, it would be advisable to keep the ballast in the middle or even towards the back, until you feel more confident. All of these things need to be taken into account.

    It takes time and practice, but eventually it becomes second nature. Once you are competent, you will be exiting corners and applying the right amount of throttle without even thinking about it, you will know for each corner, how much power to apply automatically. That is a skill that comes with perseverence.
  9. Thanks for all the great advice everyone! I really appreciate it. My next day off is Monday so I will try it again then using all your advice.
  10. I gave it a try with limited success but it was more fun. Thanks for the tips

  11. What turn are having problems? Upshift as soon as you start accelerating, that helps sometimes. I guess you drop down to 2nd gear, as soon as you accelerate hit that 3rd. There are some spots that it will spin you out every time if you re not careful, the kerbs are like butter.
  12. Try 70/30 balance......50/50 at Monza was a spinfest for me, even with TC on.
  13. All in all I think kerbs are what get me spinning the most. I have tried short shifting which seems to help.
    God I can’t wait until Monday when I can get back at it and give it another go (I work the weekends). I always shut the game off in frustration thinking “That’s the last time I play this game” but then the next day I’m back at it. LOL
  14. Rather 30/70
  15. There are some kerbs on every track that you just should not touch. Some silly game mechanic I suspect to prevent people from cutting corners too much without actually getting penalties because not all 4 wheels go off track.

    Learn where these kerbs are on each track, avoid them like the plague, and take the kerbs you know are less dangerous.

    That and learning to control throttle input will drastically reduce the amount of spins you have
  16. Dave Wild

    Dave Wild

    Probably the best advice I can give is watch cockpit view videos, both real and sim, of the track you are having problems with. Any view that includes gear indication is helpful as you can see in what gear drivers take a corner and also if they short shift and listen to engine note to get an idea of when the throttle is applied.

    Steve (Cadmuss) did an excellent series on youtube of all tracks except Bahrain (bad Cadmuss lol) so if it's that track you will have to find another driver.

    You don't say who you are driving against, AI, friends or on line. I would be inclined to look at lap times of some of the sensible drivers, not the 'aliens', and try to get close to those during practice. DON'T use Time Trial, the grip is like Evostick all over the track LOL

    I suspect the bottom line is delicate throttle application.

    Like most things in life, practice makes perfect, you'll get there ;-)

  17. You guys are quite right about the curbs, take too much and the car will bottom out and "pivot" on the curb. This unloads the tyres so that you cars full weight isnt on the road through the tyres, but momentarily in "limbo". You dont even need to apply power, you can still spin without power if the cars wheels arent in contact with the tarmac. Ths requires alot of practice, because there are some curbs you can attack and some you must void. For example, the severe hairpin on bahrain (the one a couple of corners before you get to sector 2) and the hairpin turn 5 at catalunya, are sure to spin your car out if you take too much curb, because they are quite high.

    Be aware that most of the optimum setups involve having the ride height at "1", which is the lowest. Unfortantley you just have to take the rough with the smooth. If you want the optimum setup, you need a low ride height as possible, so just take car with curbs.
  18. Thanks again everyone for all your input.

    I really do think curbs are my biggest problem. I do spin sometimes without going over curbs but I think most of the time its curbs that are catching me out. And it does only seem to be a select few curbs that give me problems. I was watching a re-run of one of last year’s formula 1 races and I was really paying attention to how they were taking sharp turns. I was really surprised to see how slow and carful they take those kinds of turns. That helped quite a bit when I applied that knowledge to the game.

    And for those who wanted to know....I am just racing the AI in career mode using a G27 wheel with all help turned off.
  19. another thing to think about is your tire wear. if you're playing expert all the tire and engine wear are scaled. this happened to me a ton when i first switched off the aids, id be doing really well and once you get to that margin on your tires your traction falls off dramaticly in the span of 1-2 laps. you have to start getting conservative the further on you press. i know that sounds like a no brainer but in a 10 lap race your softs will be great till lap 6 and that sweet spot you think you found on that first corner isnt so sweet anymore with half the traction gone.

  20. Hmmmmm, good point.