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How do I refuel?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by smasha, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. smasha


    I was having a long race (50 mins) with the Formula Reiza's and my fuel was just about gone with 30 mins to go in the race so I pitted.The pitstop repaired some damage but did not refuel my car.
  2. Unfortunately, F.Reiza is supposed to be a full replica of a 2011 model F1 car INCLUDING no refuelling, hence the bigger fuel capacity than the other car styles. Problem is, there's a glitch/bug/whatever that lets the AI cars refuel anyways. I hate that. Same thing goes with the Formula Classic.

    I just wish Reiza had a quick fix for this, but I doubt it. It's just something we've lived with.

  3. Luckily this is offset by the AI never pitting. So he can just fill up the car for the whole race and he should be fine.
  4. Except the problem here is, that's not always the case. Sometimes even with 1x fuel consumption, you could still empty the tank on a full distance race. Then and there the AI pits and does refuel. I've had it set to autopilot at times and the AI driver will pit for me. Problem is, the AI driver will only change tires, then leave the pits, drive for a bit, and pull over with an empty tank and DNF. So the only option here is to just turn off fuel consumption altogether. But if you want a race with pit stops, now you got to adjust the tire wear rate if you want more or less stops.

    And worse yet, for those trying to look for that most real experience, turning off fuel consumption now keeps your car at a stable weight all race long. For some guys, it's not a problem. But then you can't feel when the car is lighter/heavier depending on the amount of fuel onboard.

    Simracers are a picky bunch!
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  5. Or find an original download of Formula reiza, and use the hdv file from that car instead, which allows refuelling. I have not tried this with the F Reiza, but it certainly works with F Classics and Minis.
  6. Minis have had refuelling allowed the whole time, or at least in ever since I got the full '12 game. Can't say the same for Classics, though. Might have to try that out....
  7. Sorry I thought I did this with the minis as well. But basically, all the cars had their own hdv files in the original version, which can still be inserted and customised in the later version (for offline use obviously).
  8. What you mean with the original version? As the one at the site where you can download custom tracks, if you know what I mean?
  9. I used the hdv from the Ver 1.7 DLC
  10. Roger that. Thanks!