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How do I open a .mas file?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Fergus O'Daly, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I tried researching how to open a .mas file and found something about MAStudio, so I downloaded it, but it still would not open any .mas files at all. Does anybody know how to go about extracting the files? Or maybe point me towards a link where I can download the correct program that will allow me to extract a .mas file.
  2. From memory I think the MAS files in GSC are encrypted to stop them being copied/altered/etc, due to the fact that GSC is a commercial game rather than a free mod.
  3. There was a sound pack DLC for the game that I downloaded and wanted to tweak a little for single player racing. Like sometimes the announcer says "Go! Go! Go!" at the start of the race, but it is random, like sometimes he doesn't always say it. And there were other sound files that would only occur at random times - almost never actually. Since I love playing single player, I wanted to understand more how the sound pack worked and see if I could maybe change the randomness to be less random and do some other stuff with it to. I would in no way re-release the sound pack as my own or distribute it at all, I just wanted to tweak it a bit to my liking. I've already replaced and tweaked a few sound files and now the game sounds much better. Anyway, I can understand that maybe the stock .mas files that came with the game might be encrypted, but I still would like to know how to open a .mas file. Thanks.