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How do I make default Championship files?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Vaughn Stegeman, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. I've been messing with making some Championships for Race 07/GTR Evo. I set them up for myself, then copy the championship file out of MY directory into the Race 07 directory. Looking at other championship files I've downloaded, I've learned a little bit about what to delete and what to change, but I'd really like some more in-depth information about what I can/can't put in there and why.
    For instance, how do I set a default race length and rule-set? How would I set up a multi-class championship?
    These questions and others need answering.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. For a multi class championship you select custom championship. Then you have screen with all the classes and use filter button at base of screen. Turn filter on in top corner and the lights turn from red to green if you select it. You can also eliminate cars in the class in the view pane that shows available cars in class so you have yellow.
  3. Yes yes, I get that part. But that only gets me so far as to be able to run that championship when I create it.
    What I'm looking to do is create "default" championship files, where I set up a championship and then can again run it (or share it with others) any time in the future, maintaining all the rules etc that I set up. This involves editing the championship file, which I've so far had some (limited) success in simply through experimentation.
  4. For example the Championship file from my Toyota Corolla Cup. Just make a copy of it, rename as you wish but keep the file ending. Then change the content as you wish. For example adding/changing the name and car classes. AFAIK to add more than one class, you just need to add the class within the " and divide them by comma e.g. class="Toyota_Corolla_Cup, STCC2010".

    The file itself should be placed within "\race 07\GameData\Championships\Official". Of course you can find other championship files there too (if you have installed other mods with a default championship).

    Just try it and ask again if you experience any problems ;) Good luck :D

    Name="Toyota Corolla Cup 2012"
    Preset="Toyota Corolla Cup 2012"
    Track=Curitiba 08,2008_Curitiba
    Track=Zolder 10,2010_Zolder
    Track=Monza 08,2008_Monza
    Track=Karlskoga Motorstadion,Karlskoga
    Track=Brno 08,2008_Brno
    Track=Porto 07,2007_Porto
    Track=Oschersleben 08,2008_Oschersleben
    Track=Valencia 08,2008_Valencia
    Track=Okayama 08,Okayama
    Track=Puebla 08,2008_Puebla
    Track=Macau 08,2008_Macau
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  5. Thanks!
    One specific thing I was wondering about is changing race length for specific tracks. Not sure that's possible in Race 07, tho I've read of it for GTR2 (the only other useful documents I've found about championship files)
    Also, looking at your example above leads me to believe I can simply leave in the lines regarding rules that I DO want, and take out the ones I don't? Is this correct?
  6. Race is not comparable to GTR2. Don't know all values you can add or have in the challenge file but I just found these. You should extract some of the default championship files to see if there are some more values. AFAIK you can't set up the race length and strength of the AI individually for each track with the championship file, but maybe you can find a way when looking at other championship files ;) But maybe you can use race time instead of laps? Then you have only some laps on large tracks but many laps on short tracks? Just an idea.

    Yes, you can add/remove lines as you want. But note if you remove one line, the game uses the default value but maybe you can change the value when starting a new championship from the menus. You simply have to try it ;)
  7. Thanks FuNK!
    I'll continue messing with it until I get exactly what I'm aiming for, then maybe I'll try sharing some of the files .. Altho for the most part they'd involve car-mod and track downloads ...
  8. Hi FuNK!,

    nice example, thanks.

    Wich tracknames do you use in the tracklist? TracknameShort/Name of the .gdb ?
    Does the scoringsystem work for you, in my case the 9th and 10th do not score?!
  9. You're welcome! :thumbsup:

    Judging from other championship files you specify the displayed name and give the GDB reference (first entry in GDB). For instance: "Track=Ring Knutstorp Motorbana,2010_ring_knutstorp". The GDB's first entry is "2010_Ring_Knutstorp" but the file name is the same but without capital letters. So maybe the file name works too (don't know if both need to be the same - it's been so long since I played with GDB files xD). For the first part of the entry you should be able to type in everything you want - even "Mr.T's Knutstorp Super Festival of Speed" for instance :D

    Sorry, I don't why the scoring doesn't work. Will have a look at this ;)
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  10. From what I have acknowledged, the scoring for 9th and 10th will never work. It's due to the core of Race 07, which was designed for 2007 season and thus only first 8 drivers are able to score points. It doesn't matter if you write even 25 drivers in the scoring info, it will still recognize only first 8 drivers.

    That's the main weakness of Race imho, zero possibility to edit how much drivers will swap positions or how much drivers will score points. It's still 8 no matter what.
  11. You were faster xD But I now can confirm that ;) Only the first 8 get points :(

    (For me this is no real drawback but the missing safety car...but that's an other story xD)