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How do I get rid of this annoying yellow text

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Stuart Rinck, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Right in the middle of my screen every 30 seconds or so. What did I do to enable this? I hate it!!! Distracts the hell out of me :mad:

  2. No idea mate. If nobody can help you then consider re-installing.

    I have a backup of my steam games so to re-install I go to the steam program and from the main menu I choose "backup and restore games".
  3. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    I have NEVER seen that :p Sorry.
  4. I've gotten the same response everyone I've asked. Leave it to me to invent a problem for myself,lol. I'll get it straightened out somehow. Even if I do have to reinstall. I've backed up all my configs and whatnot.
  5. My guess is it's a change in your PLR file which has caused this. Try creating a new profile and drive with that. If the problem disappears on the new profile, compare the two PLR files (old and new) in great detail to find the culprit.
  6. Right you are, the PLR is the culprit, when I switch to a different profile it doesnt happen.
  7. Try going through your PLR file, and checking these parameters. I'll include what they're set to in my PLR file too.

    [ Game Options ]
    Message Center Detail="3"
    Display Driver Stats="0"
    Display Track Stats="0"
    Display Pit Board="0"
    If that fails, this might serve as a temporary fix.

    Allow Chat In Car="1"
    In your PLR file, try changing that to 0. You'll miss out on a lot of information, but maybe that's better than having distracting text down the middle of the screen.
  8. Thank you, working on it now. :work:
  9. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    How do you know these things? :confused: :).
  10. Actually, come to think of it... I have no idea :tongue: I don't have any sources I can quote or anything. :confused:
  11. That annoyance won't happen too often. Three main reasons:

    A: You are joining a server that has a lot of players, they will disappear before you can drive to track.
    B: Somebody's spamming chat and needs to be kicked from the server. If you see this, you can go to chat menu, click the player who's spamming and press "kick player". Spamming isn't allowed on any server, it's simply just harassing other players and should be shunned.
    C: You've been practicing so long that a lot of players have joined. You see this while they load, if you're very quick you might see few of them when you get on track...

    Only B is actually annoyance but i haven't seen a single spammer in last six months... I don't know if the line in PLR file that says someting like "load cars while on track" works, have tried but it didn't do anything. So this is very very small problem, if it doesn't happen often leave the chat on. In leagues it's mandatory, so it is in RD club racing (where chat is strictly prohibited in qualy and race sessions.. i know, i've got two warnings from this..)

    EDIT: Looked closer at the pic, should've done that sooner.. Where does this happen? Offline/online, what mode if it happens offline only and the server if online. I have never seen this before. Clean install and delete my docs\simbin all PLR and controlsets (backup frst if necessary!).

    If it's online, the server may send you these messages via some hack/mod. If that is the case, notify the server owners or choose a different server. The "allow chat in-car" was once in the menu, now it's in PLR file only.