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How do I chat in public sessions?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Hubba, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. I click rsrbr2011 chat but I need to register for sign in some where first? anyone know how? password?
  2. i c thanks

    nobody in chat.
  3. A lot of us use Teamspeak for voice chatting during our on-line rallys. Racedepartment has it's own TS channel. We chat before the rally starts, agree to mute TS while driving, and then have a chat after an agreed number of stages, during service. It adds a lot to the enjoyment, when you have others driving in the same session.
  4. Yeah, I have never used that RSRBR chat thing, I doubt many people do. TeamSpeak is default, here at least.
  5. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium Member

    so using TS is alright while in session? I'm thinking about getting it, but not so sure yet :p
  6. People chat after every two stages, or after a service.
    You mute it at other times, so you don't bother people while driving, and they don't bother you.
  7. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium Member

    thats good :D
    TS adds to the fun, huh?
  8. Since you usually join the OC Sessions, I'd highly recommend using TS. Many of the Aussie guys are already using TS in our OC sessions. It adds lots of fun.

    I've driven a few Rallys eg. this weeks, RDRC Round in a different session, without TS, and it really seems much more lonely without the TS banter during Service.
  9. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium Member

    sounds cool, I'll try install TS when I get home from uni, so bored right now lol
  10. Ok, well I do have TS already so I would need an address then. The problem is my timezone (eastern standard) UCT-5. so when I race public sessions in evenings, im usually racing with a bunch of peoples from Argentina (spanish). But im sure I could hook up with you all on weekends though.
  11. Most of us race in the Racedepartment Events, Rally Club and Rally Championship series.
    Why not join the Rally Club and race with us there, you will surely then have friendly company. :)
  12. I use TS in Public Sessioins but it also has it's uses in practice sessions or for chatting to fellow ralliers about setups and pacenotes - it's a really good place to make friends and get some friendly advice and help.