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How do i add videos to jumbo's in rfactor?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by kidx, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. I Got permisison from JNSTRACKS to edit there track logos and i was wondering how do I add Animated videos to the jumbo i am running the Truck Series 2.0 I wanna make a Tribute to Frank55 video for each track please get back to me.
  2. Some where in the mas file there will be a .bik file for the jumbo just find that and then make a new 1 and save it under that name and repack the mas file :)

    If you need the program to make the vidoe's its here
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  3. the jumbo is a image lol how do i go ariund that name the bik same as image.
  4. If you open the track in 3dsimed and then explode the jumbo it will give you the name of the file it is using.
  5. what do i open scn file i am new to this here is an image of the jumbo tron but i want a video there.

  6. Yeah open the .scn file if you don't have 3dsimed its not going to be easy as you need to change it in there I don't know if there is a way round it with out having 3dsimed. you need to change the texter that will be .dds to the .bik file you wish to use.
  7. where in 3dsim ed do i change dds to bik please let me know i am a complete noob once i figure this out ill be happy.
  8. I have it thanks for letting me know. What do i do rename the bik file same a dds file and delete it.
  9. No - in the material menu in SimEd you need to point to the BIK file. (and then remember to include it in the track folder or rFactor won't be able to find it)

    Remember your BIK file must be a power of 2 resolution. (ie 128x128, 256x256 etc)
  10. under what option do i use to point it lol sorry i am a noob like what option under material.
  11. In SimEd you right click the object you want to change the material of - then there is an option there to edit material.
  12. edit face or the material name when i do Jumbo05.bik nothing happens it still looks like a dds its also only showing files in the mas file that i can change it to.
  13. Make sure you export the object to the track folder afterwards, as you have changed things. Otherwise the original GMT is still acting. Any loose files over-ride the files in the MAS.
  14. wait i am stuck i see edit matrial but its greyd out what do i do also i am saving this a gmt right and replacing the old one in the mas file when done ok thats easy but directing the image is not what do i do rename the file to bik cause i only see dds in the mas i dont under stand.
  15. You cant just change the .dds file to .bik mate because its still just a pic you need to get the video you want to use and convert it to .bik with rad tolls then click on the jumbo and then edit then explode it then edit again now you point to the .bik file you jsut made.

    Then follow what Ryan put
  16. No offence kidx - but this is one of the simplest tasks in modding, if you cannot figure this out then you are in for a rocky road :)
  17. I know but its greyd out how do i un grey it out I guess it cant be done edit object is greyed out i only have like 3 options Material Jumbotruck05 edit face and Hide i think and memorize XYZ. :frown:
  18. I wanna thank you guys for the help.The option you guys say to chose is edit object right if so its grey out.Every thing is appearing to me in parts like when i right click on it half the image i right click on is pink is this correct or am i doing this wrong.:confused::confused: