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How difficult is it?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by binary_finary, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I play r-Factor alot (probably too much!) and downloaded the demo of BTB. After getting annoyed, the demo expired, but after having a bit of spare cash, I decided to take the plunge and buy the full licence.

    I've never done any graphic design or 3D modelling before, but I reckon I'll get used to it.

    My question is this:

    How long did it take you to get used to BTB? Obviously I know people with extensive 3D design will get used to it much quicker than those with no experience at all, but I just though I'd get a discussion going.

    Anyone been tempted to delete the whole thing, but stuck it out and made some legendary tracks?

    If nothing else, it's really making me appreciate how much time, effort and skill goes into the tracks I download and take for granted.
  2. I also decided to buy this after trying the demo and starting 4 tracks.

    I have no experiance at any of this unless 2D AutoCAD counts and this isn't CAD.

    I find myself getting hung up and frustrated at certain points. I've watched the video's over and over to try and figure things out and find myself going how did he get to that point. Only to find out later that he didn't tell us to hold the shift key or something like that.

    A step by step guide for dummies to make a very basic track start to finish would be very helpful.

    I'll keep at it and someday be able to finish the tracks I started, I know it's just me I've seen what others can do with BTB
  3. I hear what you're saying about the videos, he makes it look so easy!

    That said, it would take hours, and hours, and hours to go through everything from start to finish.

    I'm also a music producer, and taught myself that from scratch. Yes it was trick and took a long time, but I got it eventually, and would rather do it that way than have a step-by-step tutorial.

    Plus, I greatly appreciate what Brendon has done in designing this software and don't expect him to hold our hands in learning how it works, the tutorials and help files are more than extensive enough.

    The big thing for me is learning the keys so I can move through stuff quickly, it's pretty tricky though as I use a laptop, so to move around (which as far as I can make out can only be done via the numeric pad), I have to hold down the Fn key AND Alt. I basically need another hand, or an external keyboard.
  4. Middle-click and drag is for moving around, but I don't know if your laptop has a middle mouse button, or an equivalent.

    When it comes to working out what keys Brendon is pressing in the demo videos, you can open the help file for the component being used (e.g. walls, terrain etc) and it should mention what keys to press for what effects.
  5. I'm in more or less the same situation as you are as regards the lack of 3D editing knowledge. I must say that I've found BTB frustrating at times too, and I get horribly lost at times when reading these threads with the tech talk of some of the posters, but if you really enjoy track building, it's well worth it. As long as you don't try to make your own version of the Nordschleife (or however you spell it!) with your first try, you should be OK. Start off with a simple oval or a short track to learn basic techniques and then you can start getting ambitious. Besides, there are plenty of XPacks with tons of objects available, so making impressive tracks with lots of eye candy is going to get easier all the time.
  6. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm really exited about using and learning BTB. Yes I'm doing most of my learning on a oval track. Having the help files, video's and this forum are very helpful. Just some of this is not very intuitive and can get frustrating, only reason I thought a step by step guide would be helpfull.

    Maybe when I get it all figured out, I'll do a guide. LOL:laugh2:
  7. You're not the first person to ask Piddy for a user guide :fingers-crossed:. However, if I have to choose between a better BTB or a user guide, I know what I'm going to pick!:laugh2:
  8. yep, modding will do that to ya :D

    i say stick it out, very rewarding to be driving on a track u created urself and even moreso when u it's well received by your peers and you see servers running it ;)

    P.S: don't know if it's any use but i created a terrain tutorial video a few months back for some mates (around 10 minutes in length, tried not woffle on too much :D)