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How could they do this to us??

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Resi Respati, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. I'm just mad at those news saying that "Our anthem is being played at"... by the same country!! :freaked-out:

    http://www.theaimblog.com/2009/04/by-way-being-indonesian-and-proud-of-it.html (check at the comments below the page)


    Actually, we also have this controversy with Malaysia since 2006.

    From this simple song:

    And Malaysians just took them away

    Our cultures are being stolen one by one. Last one is the Pendet ([ame]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pendet[/ame]), traditional Balinese dance. And now this?

    *** for my country *** :(:(
  2. I don't 100% understand what's going on (sorry).

    Is it that the Malaysians are plagiarising Indonesian music for things such as tourist adverts (I could've sworn I saw that 3rd video in a Malaysian tourism ad)?
  3. From the chat me and Resi had on msn, I gather that Malaysians have been giving Indonesia bad publicity, reffering to it's terrorist attacks.
  4. Oh... Well that's not on then! :angry:
  5. That's why we're mad at them!

    Our government is also slow-thinking that they even allowed things like this to happen :angry:
  6. I think I cannot say eerything I might wanted to say, but Indonesia is a better country than Malaysia. In Indonesia there's still freedom of speech and religion, where Malaysia seems to love the Sharia.
    Maybe they're just jealous. Also you have a much bigger history, sometimes not always positive because of the Dutchies. But Jakarta (batavia) was the centre of the eastern world in VOC-time.
  7. I completely don't understand this!!!

    We Malaysian don't have any terrorist!!! If we were terrorist, then we should've attack all of you guys!!! For the music, we use them for our Malaysia Truly Asia campaign to promote all the world about Asia and we Malaysia have a multiple religious, culture.... We don't even wnt to stole anything from you!!! I am very sure that the media made this an issue...

    Indonesian always come to Malaysia to find job and we help them... They even come here without permite and just sneak over to Malaysia using their small boats... Now you say that Malaysian trying to give bad publicities to Indonesia?? Indonesian come to Malaysia and work as a robber and the even murdering peoples here in Malaysia... everyday I watch the news, it always about indonesian murdering someone... I completely don't understand why??? And they even claimed that the Petronas Twin Tower is theirs???? WTF!!!!

    Think again... it could be that the song infringement or what ever do you want to call ... that song has been in here in Malaysia for a long long time...
  8. Indonesia is a better country... of course... But some of them that comes to Malaysia complained that they have got no job if they stay at Indonesia... Malaysia have freedom!!! Who said that???

    We're not jealous!!! For what that we should be jealous?? Indonesia has much much bigger history compared to Malaysia and Jakarta is a centre of the eastern time because they got their indipendence earlier than Malaysia and they've already well known in the rest of the world...

    Sorry Resi but I'm totally impatient because of this.. they talk everything the thing that malaysia owns to claimed that everything in Malaysia is theirs... You have more history Indonesia... you have istory from Palembang, Temaisk and everything and very well known befor the port in Penang was opened by the British Francis Light...
  9. Haziqda, you shouldn't think a reply is mentioned to all of them who're part of a group, but some of them.

    I can understand if someone wouldbe jealous at some things in Indonesia. But I can also understand of some people in Malaysia are still angry about Indonesia trying to stop your independancy in the 1960's. In fact iot's kinda funny they tried to stop that, as they (and the whole world) were mad at the Dutch for trying to get Indonesia again in 1947 after WW2. They wanted their freedom, why not the Malaysians.

    My pov on the situation in Malaysia is what I read in the Dutch news. Pop concerts must abide to special clothing rules, weird punishments in case of a crime. Indonesia seems to be tumbling down as well in that thing. But I read such freedom issues more about Malaysia than indonesia.
  10. Right... If you think it is.. Fine!!!

    And how weired is that??? Tell me... If you think that Malaysia is bad and always stealing every culture on earth!!! Then just call me a stealer!!!
  11. :question:
  12. If you read the forum link that Resi posted on the frist post, and if you can read the Indoneasian language, you'll be amazed on what they're trying to say... I think that even Muslims in Indonesia would be dissapointed on what they're saying and calling Malaysia...

    Sorry again Resi...
  13. Yep, what Johan said is right.

    We have diverse culture and huge history, although the Dutch may put negative things on us, but we still love how they turned us to a country as of now (thx Bram and Johan :D)

    Right now, Indonesia is still recovering from the economical crisis we had in 1997, and we are growing fast now. Example, those shopping malls and even Lippo Village street circuit.

    But they are still don't care about some issues, like this one which we are really mad at
  14. Right... Sorry and thank you Resi... Clearly that Indonesia don't like Malaysia and I understand .

    Very understand in fact...
  15. We also still have an old problem in that region. In 1947 we promised the Moluks to have their own country, so they were on our side.
    But when the whole world got mad at us, we also couldn't fulfill rhe promise, and they were persona non grata in Indonesia of course. So they had to come to the Netherlands, and the Dutch ministe kept saying their country would come somehow. We treated them very badly, as they were living in former camp houses used by nazi-Germany......

    Of course they got mad. And we had some trouble in the 70's. And every now and then we hear we still have to fulfill a promise. But how.. :( That promise was just stupid, and should have never been made. Also i cannot fully understand the Dutch government, as we were just away from Nazi-Germany. Indonesia was free from Japan. Why should we take that region. We should've been happy they were free. But I guess it has to do with some financial issues...
  16. But nevermind... I understand that Malaysia also made a mistake... It's no our problem and not even our Sultan problem... But it's our government problem...

    I'm actually can't stand on living here as everything is just bad for now... Would be owkey if I move to somewhere else... Like an island or something :p
  17. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Smart comment :thumb: and thats exactly how it is. Simple civilians like ourselves never start such conflicts between nations. As long as you keep repeating that wise sentence to yourself and others there will never be a war or conflict again.

    Like Jari Vinnari would say:

  18. New updates.

    Last night my brother received an SMS message saying that an unknown source said (in this message they strongly suspected it as Malaysians) that the Indonesian flag is duplicating the Poland flag, in reverse (some sites and forums also said that)..

    Really, are they look alike?!

    Indonesia flag

    Poland flag

    A blog to curse the Malaysians (and if one of you guys understand, in a video in that site TV-One Indonesia are interviewing the makers of the Discovery channel program ad)

    Lists of claimed Indonesian cultures:

    The Discovery Channel program (you can clearly see "Wayang Kulit" and "Tari Pendet" are in that commercial)
  19. [​IMG]
    I can't see the Polish flag... for anyone else that can't, it's the same thing as Indonesia, except white over red. But I'm sorry to say Resi, you can't really say the same thing about the [ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Monaco"]flag of Monaco[/ame]...


  20. Well, we got our flag actually by ripping off the blue part of the Dutch flag and out come the flag of Indonesia..