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How change the sky?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by asasinuxp, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Some explanations here:

    These "cielos" (skies) are just single huge objects. Yes, they are big and almost impossible to catch after you add them. So, for me the only way for me is to add some sky, right after this click "Edit" (object), press and hold "Y" and drag your mouse little bit down. Then (the object is still selected) click "Split" to put it into another group (rename the group accordingly) - you can now delete it and leave all of your objects on the scene. To select - clik the group name on the list, click "Hide Unselected" so it is checked and press Ctrl+A. I hope you can move it ;) But still it can be deleted when you want to change it for another.
    The skies are very nice - but add them at the very end of building your track ;)
  2. I haven't tried it myself because I always manage to select the sky and move it (I just try to select it from different locations and with luck it is possible), but another user proposed the following procedure:

    1) Just after adding the sky, while it is still selected, split it to its own group.

    2) Add another object to the sky group (or merge it to the sky group)

    3) When you want to change the sky, select the sky group, check "hide unselected", ctrl-a to select the 2 objects in the group

    4) Apply the changes to the second object while both are selected, and both objects will change at the same time

    5) When you have changed the sky as you want, delete the second object.
  3. Great, thanks Zaxxon! That really can solve it :) Remember to hold Shift to move both objects when they are selected.
    As I said, I could move the skydome just once - right after it was added (and no more after...). So, I always tried to place it in the middle of track's terrain.
    But the idea of the second object is brilliant!
  4. Thanks for detailed answers.