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How can I use my Headset with a Thrustmaster TX wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by kat, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. kat


    Hello all. I am on the verge of purchasing a Thrustmaster TX wheel for my Xbox One and PC. I own a pair of Astro 50 (wireless) that I have been using for my Xbox by plugging it into the controller. But I have noticed I dont see anything in pictures or in the description of the Thrustmaster about connecting a headset to it other that it says it can connect to the Kinect. Now this tells me that I have to use the Kinect mic to talk to people online. Which I do not like that idea since I play late at night and dont want to keep the house up. Ive googled this problem and I read that you have to use a Xbox controller with your headset plugged in. Has anyone done this and how well does it work? I got money burning a hole in my pocket and really want to get my wheel coming. I dont see this being an issue with the PC because I use my headsets now on Iracing with my Fanatec wheel. Thanks for any guidance in this matter
  2. jimortality


    Hi, basically you set your wheel up and then your controller and have the headset plugged into the controller. I have the tx wheel and the turtle beach px22 headset.
  3. kat


    Ok seems like they would have installed a jack.....Thanx for the help