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How can I tweak the engine wear?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Suomalainen, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Hi! I noticed my engines in really good conditions after races that I could be able to race thru the season using 1 engine. How can I edit engine wear to make it real? Thank you for answering.

    Thank you for not answering too! :)
  2. You can't go through entire season on 1 engine alone, just because its durability won't reach 0 doesn't mean its performance won't decline.
  3. When is good to change engines? in Pratice or Qualifying? I tried in Practice but I couldnt do any lap, skipped to race.
  4. You should change the engine at the end of Practice session. It will end current Practice session and skip to next one (if using long weekends) or Qualifying (if using short weekends).
  5. With some minutes left right? Because after practice theres Continue, Restart session and Quit
  6. In real they don't use 1 engine for a whole season. In fact, if they where allowed they would have shove a new one in the car every weekend whole season
  7. Yes, before Practice session ends.
  8. Don't do it, when you want to complete an R&D objective though - you need to finish the whole session for that.

    Oh, and about that - quick question: R&D usually is available during all three practice sessions (when running long GP weekend), but to get the upgrade but you need to complete it just once, right?
  9. I've completed R&D (in short weekend) and then switched the engine, R&D objective was still successfully completed.

    You have to complete all 3 R&D objective if using long weekends.
  10. Engine usage is rather silly IMO. It likes to use fresh engines for practise, but there is no way to stop this in P1.
  11. Even though it's the same objective every single time? That sucks...
    But if you're saying that you swapped the engine (this ending the session) and the objective was still counted as having been completed, then it shouldn't be a problem...

    You can always... NOT do a single lap in P1 and switch the unit ;]