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How can I see the promo cars?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by ophabyo, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. How do I see the promos cars (EssoMobil and Goodyear) and Formula Classic? Yes, I have version 1.70.

  2. I think you have to skin them. Skins are on the official website...
  3. Have the same problem, downloaded and installed esso, goodyear and formula classic. When you wan't to select Formula Classic it won't show up in the car list, I can only select the V8 cars. Within the V8 cars i'm also unable to find the the Esso and goodyear skins, it won't show up in the list.

    Anyone got a solution?
  4. Main Menu -> Bottom left -> switch between Formula Classic and V8 Stock Cars.

    The Esso and GY car... Here is the readme:

    Just unzip the content into your GSC\gamedata\vehicles\stockv8 folder.

    Promo cars are set to their own category and not to race against cars from the actual StockV8 field. You can do it however by not selecting a specific category in the TEAM menu.

    But there is no .veh file with the download so,.. to me it can't work.
  5. Thank you Kenneth for your reply. I already selected formula classic in the main menu like you suggest, unfortunatly that is not a solution to the problem. The formula classic cars won't show up. For example if I would start a championship, i can't create one, it gives the message I need to load/select a car, which the game can not find.
    If I try to test it will still only suggest the V8 cars, the game do not seem to be able to "see" the Formula Classic catagory/cars/teams when selecting a car to drive.

    I used the download from this site, and installed it. I will try to install it again, not expecting it will make a chance.
    If you have any more suggestions that would be great!

    About the Esso and GY car, to me it's not a problem if it will not work because it's only a paint job, but the Formula Classic I would love it to work.

  6. You installed it with the exe file of the zip file? :)
  7. Kenneth, never mind I know what went wrong. A friend installed it on my computer but I just found out I had a illegal version, I'm now gonna buy a legal one, on that it works just fine, the demo trial showed it works. Thanks again!
  8. Agora sim! Agora tenho a versão oficial em DVD!
    Mundo pequeno, em uma loja no shopping em frente da minha casa, ela tinha para vender o jogo oficial!

    Alright! Now I have the official version on DVD!
    Little world, in a store in the mall in front of my house, she have order to sell the official game!



    Official Game + Monitor 22 + DFGT + Cockpit = :cool: