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How can I lower chance of rain for the tracks in the database?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by hcrockso, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. As the title says It's a bit stupid that In my career from 11 races I had to start 7 in wet conditions and pit in the first lap for dry tires, so I'd like to lower the chance of rain in my career mode on most of the tracks, but in which tab in the database and which value should I change?
    Can anybody help me out here?
  2. didnt test it but I think you should look for weather_setting / dynamic / and lower rain_chance (default 0,3)
  3. Yeah there is a ridiculous amount of times when it is raining. In 2011, the first time I experienced rain was in Silverstone.
  4. Yes it would be great to be able to lower the rain probability...
    But i don't know how to modify the database... please can some explain that or post a modified database ?
  5. 2011 it was under dynamic_environment_settings.

    You have to change the 5 different 'state ratio' values but make sure it all adds up to '1'
    So if you make the clear_state_ratio 1 and all the others 0 it will never rain:)
  6. Ok... but how do we modify the database.bin file ? I can't open it...
    It's quite complicated.
  7. use riders database editor
  8. I'd like to learn modding the database, but there is a guide?
    Sorry for the English translation.