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how can i do my car ,using autodesk

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by ilker ozturk, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. i want to make my car but i have a lot of problem, one question when i use ase-->modeler-->dof file, my car is very big thing in the racer and i can't see surface of my car,, next question is how to create car.ini file ,. Sometimes, i take multisub material error in modeler how can i correct that?? finaly, i have a lot of problem and i am waiting your help. Please , help me (sorry bad english):)
  2. If you load the car DOF file in modeller.exe, and click the 'information' button, it shows you how big the model is.

    Try use the scale /100 button, to divide the model scale by 100. Then the car should be closer to the right size.


  3. No, it's not what I remember from official docs where Ruud states to re-dimension the car instead of rescaling it via Modeler.

    To create car.ini file, take 1 car.ini file & tweak it from there. Begin with transferring values (xyz) from your car to the car.ini file for the flares, backfire, lights, wheels radius, suspension, aero...those are the most important ones.

    Debug your car with racer.ini => dev.note_ini_fallback=1 & keep your QLog.txt file in NP++ opened. Check & fix problems "chronologically" & always debug to check everything ingame. Delete eventually your log & re-enter the garage, check your Qlog file again.

    Multisub mats should be verified prior exporting them, so make sure they have been assigned correctly. It takes some hours of testing it & getting good results in Racer.

    We know about your problems, it takes time to understand & know what Racer is about, take your time & make sure you read & learn a lot from Ruud & Mitch official docs. Here's the links :


    Keep faith, if you want something, you can get everything you dreaming of, it's a matter of will & time !
  4. I'm not sure then if scaling is bad or not. I don't seem to suffer here because of scaling.


    In any case, you are right. It's just a fairly steep initial learning curve to get going, but once you get the basic few bits it gets a lot quicker :D

    We need some decent example 3DS Max files of cars 'ready to export' so people can see how to lay them out so they work right away in Racer!

  5. Hi, when i use max, i always scale the model before the export.
    Before, right click, object propieties and see how much your model is bigger. Also when i want to put them to racer, i export them as .obj, then import with zmod2 and save them to a zm1 file, and then export as .dof. Because the CTR make my max crash (i'm using 32bits 2011 version)
  6. what is borders of modeler in racer?
  7. i've got the same version and it doesnt crash here, even with the CTR, have used it successfully..although, it's not much use for cars,but tracks..because it breaks up your models into several pieces, which isnt any use for cars
  8. i dont know how to use ctr editor and i cant put the flag to parts D: