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How can I chance the aux 2 position?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jesse Doornbusch, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. How can I chance the aux 2 position, the position of the Safety Car.
    I want to turn this sc position a few degrees but I dont know how
  2. it can be moved in BTB by going to the aiw section and selecting the aux positions. You can move and rotate both positions from there.
    if you are making an rFactor or gtr track, I suggest using the ISI rFactor AIW editor. simply drive to the place you want and select the aux positions under the pit and garage space sub menu. Turn on "show/hide" aux spaces first if you want to see the results. You can also edit the AIW file manually with notepad. Find the x,y, z coodinates with 3dsimed, you may have to adjust the orinatation by trial and error.
  3. But how can you rotate the position? (key+mouse or something)
  4. If you just wish to rotate the any of the car positions after placing them in BTB, just hold down 'Y' key & click & drag that particular position & it should rotate around the 'front' of it's icon in the 3D screen.
    This should be listed within BTB's help files.....
  5. Never knew that.. ;)