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How are the replays?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by nulreith, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Since I started SIM racing with GPL back in 1998 an important feature for me was always watching replays of my races. GPL, GTR and GTRe all shows the replays in "TV-mode" with fixed cameras around the circuit. Watching and listening to the sounds when racecars hammer down the straights or shift gears is very enjoyable to me. Not to mention well performed overtaking and close race etc.
    That is why I dislike i.e. GRID and DIRT replays (flying cameras and constant changes of angles) so much that I stopped playing after a few tries. I really looked forward to watch and hear the racers pass me (the camera) on the Mulsanne Straight with 300 km/h in GRID - I was so disappointed.

    I am downloading F1 2010 right now at home and I am really looking forward to try my first F1 SIM since GPL :rolleyes:. Will I be disappointed again when it comes to replays?
  2. Replays are pretty much as Dirt2. This has been no secret - why not ask before you bought it - or maybe you didn't buy it.
  3. Yep - I bought it and I am pretty sure (hope) that I will enjoy it anyway. While driving at least. Just wanted to know what to expect and you cleared that out for me. Thanks.