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Hotlap Leaderboard?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Lee Williamson, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Hi guys ive just brought GSCE as i thought i would give it a go, is there a leaderboard for hotlaps as i tend to play that in a game the most

  2. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

  3. Thanks for the info paul i'll get some track hours in first get to learn then a bit more before joining in races so im not taking folk out ;)
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  4. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    Hi Lee,
    I'm really a noob when it comes to racing in the RD club, and it ends usually in a premature abortion ...
    But anyhow I have fun without bothering to much other drivers.
    Take a chance and join.
    Look what comes ahead on the calender, you usually have 1 week time to learn to know the circuit, and join the race! Do it at your own pace without overdoing! Crossing the finish line, be it 10 min after the winner is OK (well, I dunno) and always a victory over the abandons (I never managed to, to be honest).
    First objective: Go quietly and safely through corner 1. You've probably already left behind some unlucky other racers!
    You will probably look at me in your mirrors ...
  5. Thanks for the advice Marco i'll head over and see whats on the calender and give it a go and your right 1st 2nd or last doesnt matter as long as youve had fun :thumbsup: ive already learnt the 1st corner rule from my forza days

    maybe see you on the track sometime soon ;)
  6. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    Yeah, stay in front of me! Welcome!!