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Hosting a Multiplayer Server

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Malte J., Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Hello guys,
    my friend and I tried to play on a server he hosted.
    I can see his server in the steam list, no problem, but everytime i try to join i get "join timed out".
    So maybe he forwarded the wrong ports or something? Anyone who can help with that? Maybe someone can tell the ports that have to be opened?
    Or any other suggestions why it doesn't work?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    We have a section in the User Guide on this coming today.
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  3. Alright, thank you for the quick answer! :) Looking forward to this!
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  4. Is it possible to run the dedicated server without Steam running as whenever I run the dedicated server without Steam running the server crashes.
  5. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo

    They seem to not crash as long as steam is running, although we still cannot see them in the multiplayer section of the game. I have 5 open servers waiting to been seen.
  6. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    Can anyone advise me on this:
    I run a dedicated server from a seperate PC at home on the same modem/router as I connect through for my sim rig. Is steam going to freak out if I try log in twice and run AMS as a server and client. I don't want to experiment and get myself banned or locked out or whatever might happen..

    PS. I'm a steam hater BTW :D
  7. I posted a thread about SteamCMD, it would be nice if that was an option for AMS as you can log into steam anonymously and run the dedicated server through steam without flagging your steam account as in game. It doesnt take much to learn from the server side of things just a matter of setting up 2 simple batch files, one for updating the server and another for launching the server. Most games that have a dedicated server on steam is done this way.
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  8. Sniper


    @Malte J. Hi guys, for me to get a dedicated server going I had to run steam on the server , then start the AMS dedicated server.
    Once I logged into steam on my gaming computer then steam auto logged out of the server version but the ams server kept running fine.
    also I needed to open the ports that are listed in the multiplayer.ini file which can be found in the folder called dedicated (do a search for multiplayer. The ports from what I can tell are all UDP protocol not TCP.

    My server is the RACEDEPARTMENT.COM AUS server for guys in australia
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  9. SludgeDetector


    @Sniper. Cheers for your sever mate, we've been having a blast on it!! Would it be possible for you do a guide on how you did this? There are a bunch of us Aussies that have been trying to get a sever running without any luck.
  10. Sniper


    Where are you running the server from? Your own box or another box within your network?
    I run mine at work on a dedicated box like my assetto servers.
    I am out tonight but if you let me know what your doing to get it to work I can help you out. I will try and write something up but the only part that's important is forwarding the correct ports in your router which are in that multiplayer.ini file
  11. Sniper


    These are the UDP ports I forward from my multiplayer.ini file
    Pretty sure the master server and authenticator ports are new? as I don't see them in my GSC server multiplayer.ini file

    Query Port Start="34597" // range is 1025 - 65535
    Port Start="34697" // range is 1025 - 65535
    Authenticator Port="8766" // range is 1025 - 65535
    Master Server Updater Port="27016" // range is 1025 - 65535

    I am happy to hook up in RaceDepartment TS tomorrow night if anyone needs help
    EDIT: Just noticed some of you not Premium so TS may not be an option:( time to get premium boys and hook up with our future aussie races:)
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  12. SludgeDetector


    @Sniper. Add me to steam if you like and i can send you our ts link.
    Same name and avatar as on here.

    Sorry i only caught your reply just now..
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  13. @Alex Sawczuk, any news on that?

  14. Is there a way to run a dedicated server with steamcmd? How exactly? I don't mind to log on, but I have to play on my client with the same steam user.
    It would be a major issue (not only to me, I suppose) if it couldn't run standalone or with both steamcmd and steam on the client logged on with the same user...
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  15. Run steam (dedicated server) in disconnected mode.
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  16. For anyone who is still having the "join timed out" error on their server, there is a pinned topic in the Automobilista steam forums about joining servers. Have a look at that as there seems to be a couple of more ports to open, which fixed my problem. End of page 2 start of page 3 in the replies is where they talk about it.
  17. That's a start, at least we can run a dedicated server and play on it with a single steam account...I will try it this evening, many thanks in the meanwhile ;)

    Still hoping for some fix: GSC can be run standalone and managed with steamcmd (which is not the ordinary steam client), and it doesn't need the actual steam client installed on the server...the 2 titles are practically the same in everything, I can't understand why there has to be such an annoying thing like that now...
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  18. Can you post a link please, i couldn't find the pinned Thread you mentioned, thanks.
  19. When joining a server from Steam (view->server), how do I exit the game normally? When I leave the track, and quit the game, AMS stays running in Steam, so I have to keep closing the Steam process in Task Manager.