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Horrible Experience - Want a Refund

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Spaceman, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Well were to begin. A word of warning really.
    I began by researching all the reviews and youtube videos I could find and decided I'd really like to try Game Stock Car.
    After a brief visit to the website I'd decided the 30 minute trial just wasn't enough to judge the game by so I bought the game out right.
    Here is were the problems began.
    First attempt, the file was corrupt.
    Second attempt Firefox just would not complete the program at the virus checking stage. Once it did go through file just would not
    install, move or delete. As soon as you left or right click on the file it would sit there trying to run for over half an hour or until I'd force it off in task manager but that would crash windows.
    Only way to delete file was to run a command prompt and delete via Dos commands.
    A reboot brought the file back and had to run the same process over again.
    Tried another browser. Same thing. So I decided to format windows. Downloaded again.
    Tried once again now armed with the knowledge Microsoft Essentials real time protection may be to blame.
    IT WORK's well the download did.
    Now if you turn real time protection back on it takes over 30 minutes to even do anything with the .exe, turn it off and you can run the file which I did.
    I wanted to install the file to my games directory but that crashes the installation. Has to be C:\GSC or else.
    Once finally installed I discover, and this is after 2 days of messing about that you need to run the game as administrator or it'll create the wrong directories in my documents. Need to delete and start over.
    Finally the game is running, it had better be good after all this. Well game is a bit of a loose term. What I'm presented with is an Rfactor mod. I should have known as much as it uses an rfactor save file in my documents.
    Not only that but my framerates are poor. A quick look at the config files out of game shows it hasn't detected my cpu or video ram correctly nor is it using dual core switch.
    Back to game and it's running how it should.
    Stock Car, well I'm disappointed with the basic car models but the physics and handling feel good but nothing to dissimilar to a good rfactor mod using realfeal. The fabled AI that was mentioned in reviews. Well they still barge into each other and cause silly crashes. Not impressed really.
    So I try Formula Classic. Now this is more like it. Car models and sound are impressive. What isn't is the driver names are all Ai_driver 1,2,3 etc and really hammers home the mod feel.
    Unfortunately after a few laps I notice what seems to be a huge "hitbox" around the cars. Ai seem to bounce away from each other like polar opposites on a magnet if getting to close and it looks really off putting.
    I give up at this point, quit and un-install.
    I'll admit I'd have been more lenient towards the game if it wasn't for the traumatic download and install process but people need to think long and hard can they get just as good an experience from a well configured rfactor mod?

    So I'm down £20 with nothing to show and my message to Rieza would be ditch the 1.60 download and make a brand new install that works proper.

    I'm sure I'll get flamed and maybe one day I'll come back to GSC armed with the knowledge of how to get around all it's initial problems and enjoy. Today is not that day though.

    I'd prefer a refund
  2. Why didnt you came here when you had problems, as it says also on the site this is the support forum?
    Saved you alot of time.
    And i recommend you never use Admin control in a Windows PC.
    Disable it and lot of problems are solved. :)
  3. To the OP:

    Nonsense - PURE Nonsense !!!

    :frown: :frown: :frown:
  4. Well I did actually come here. After reading through 14 pages of threads I twigged MSE could be at fault. But having worked in IT for a number of years, admin control in a windows PC is essential.
    If MSE and admin control are to blame for a huge number of faults regarding GSC it needs to be highlighted either on the main site or here as a sticky.
    Unless it is and I've missed it.
    Once I calm down I'll give this sim another shot.

    Edit. Loving the Babylon Zoo
  5. Admin control creates problems with all games on the PC.
    Just exprienced it again with my nephew trying to play Call of Duty on his pc. Couldnt runt it because Admin control blocked some folders so it couldnt read it. Its very common and well know it blocks game folders when you still have enabled it or dont do right click "run as admin".
  6. Nope now when I re-installed it asks for my key again. Even though it's installed in same directory. I enter key for only the second time and it comes back with "internal server error"
    I try again and it says all keys used up contact vendor.
    Screw this game. it's horrible. I'm going to ask for my money back.
  7. Neil if the file doesn't download or work, try a different browser, if the problems persist, then disable UAC ( User Admin Control ) infact as Ivo said disable it.

    There is a known issue once the file is downloaded and you click it, the setup maybe not appear straight away, in some cases it takea 30 minutes to pop up, you would know this and get help to all of this if you checked their official website and visited the support forums (here)

    We are here to help, the community and staff of Reiza Studios.

    Patience is a virtue, if you don't want to hold out and get the problem(s) sorted then it truly is your loss, the game is amazing!
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Sorry to hear you were having installation problems. Try to judge the game on its content and not on the installation process which was okay for the majority of the users I think.

    Driver names of the AI could be fixed. I kinda agree that looks a bit weird that names are missing. Although such a minor thing shouldn't stop you to explore the game more.

    Just install the other remaining add-on cars and tracks and give it a proper go (also online) and I am pretty sure you will also be a happy customer.
  9. I installed this game when i bought it and didnt encounter any problem. i also recently uninstalled and reinstalled and again no problem at all. Too bad the OP had a bad experience, but as Bram suggests, judge the game by its content. It is a great title. I hope you figure it out because it is worth the hassle.
  10. Well I've managed to get a good hour out of the game. As I've said the installation is horrible. I'd managed to get the game working by setting up\giving the .exe full admin privileges not just right click and select.
    Sure you "could" turn off UAC but that's just setting yourself up for a world of problems. As I've said I've worked in IT and know just how important and deep rooted UAC is in a windows operation and what it does. Turn off at your peril.

    The game is, yeah it's pretty good. It's a very well made mod. I hate to use that term as it goes a step further than your usual rfactor mods as everything is fine tuned to perfection or as good as rfactor permits. No need to go setting ai files or waypoints for tracks. Realfeel is setup nicely.
    It's the tracks I feel are the stars of the show not only do they feel alive but just have a great flow to them once the car begins to hook up. I feel confident to attack the course.
    Yeah, enjoying it now.
  11. I'm glad you made it work bro.

    Enjoy your game, i agree it's a well made mod with some extra love making it one step ahead of rFactor.
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Lol after reading post #11 I really don't understand the dramatic thread title...
  13. I too had some issues when it fist came out. My AV flagged it and deleted it. So I had to DL a second time with AV protection off.

    I then installed it in my game directory without any fuss and it worked just fine after that.

    As far as it being an rFactor mod, it is as much an rF mod as GTR2 is. Yes, the rF interface is more transparent but once you are on track it drive 1000 time better than your average rF mod because Reiza really worked hard at eliminating the "Floaty" feeling that drives me nuts in mods like Enduracers, the new GT3 mod, etc.
    ll you what: if Enduracers released their mod as a stand alone game with their handling more like GSC, I'd buy it today.

    That aside, this is an excellent title that already has given me close to 20 hours of entertainment. For the same price I could have gone to the theaters a few times and totaled no more than 5 hours of "fun". I'll take this any time.
  14. I had a zero issue install using admin rights on each install of DLC etc.....W7.
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  15. I too was very disappointed after reading the reviews of how good the AI was and so on, and i agree it does feel like a well made rfactor mod, I have not played it since the day i installed. I am hoping future patches and expansions will improve it.
  16. Nonsense. This game is nothing like an rFactor mod, except in looks. FFB is fabulous, the AI is decently good, and the game's physics are way beyond what any rFactor mod might possess.

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  17. + 10 ;)
  18. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    There are so many different views on what is realistic and what is not. So many different pc / wheel / controllers people use and they all set things up differently. It is inevitable that some people will like game A and hate game B, where others love game B and hate game A.

    People tend to be convinced quite strongly so you get arguments that game A IS great, where they are probably better of saying they FEEL game A is great.

    I feel GSC is quite different to any rFactor mod, and it seems most people agree. People are free to disagree however, we should all be glad there is quite a bit of choice in PC simracing; lots of affordable gameplay for sale for us, for all different 'tastes' of simracer. :)
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  19. I also work in IT and IT Security (17 years) and you are correct about UAC - if you don't browse the web or use email on a sim computer then you reduce the risk and it's probably OK to run at higher levels. But honestly, my simracing computer runs Win7 64bit and I don't have any sim or game running as Administrator or "Run As" enabled, GSC, iRacing, Race07, NKPro all run as standard user.... I'm not sure why people have issues and need to run at higher levels... leave UAC enabled people :)

    Glad to hear you have GSC running though.