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Horizon Line - You're doing it wrong

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Steven Ciofalo, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. I figured this would be the most sensible place for this post. If you are building a cockpit and are deciding where to put the screen(s). Please, try to think about what that screen is there to do. It is there to put you in the cockpit. It is not the device you look at to see some car's cockpit and drive via a camera in the headrest. That car should be yours. You are in it.


    This iRacing setup (presumably at the iRacing F**King Headquarters) shows one of the worst case scenario's I have ever seen. This driver should be sitting in a relaxed position and looking at the natural horizon. However, if he does, he will find himself staring blankly at a pair of gauges that are nearly a foot above where they should be. He instead must crane his neck upward to see the edge of the world.

    This sort of fail could be seen as a minor mistake if done by a novice sim racer.

    On the other hand it is completely unacceptable for a company bent on realism with seemingly unlimited cash and who's Knowledge and understanding of what a simulator environment should be, to make this sort of mistake.

    I urge everyone reading this to heed my advice. Almost more then any other tweak. This simple acknowledgment of matching horizon lines can make almost biblical changes in the FEEL of a sim.

    If you can't move your monitor down (or up) you can usually edit your camera to move the horizon to the correct spot. In rFactor you edit the cockpit view's first value in the OrientationOffset line of a mod's .cam file. I don't believe iRacing has that sort of customize-ability, it should.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I can't yell at iRacing directly.
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  3. I troll all the forums which is annoying but the only way to go. When RSC was the only game in town this was much easier than cross posting to here, NoGrip the ISIforums and I occasionally still post on the new RSC forums where I am a partial mod.

    My friend and I are starting our own Race Sim Forums. Going to try and cram it full of knowledge, helpful advice and a rare downloads section with mods from private foreign forums.