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Hope you understand...

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Lee Morris, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Hi all, this is not an attempt to crawl back into anyones good books as i can appreciate im pretty low in some peoples stakes by now.

    I would like to issue a retractment of everything i have said recently and well forever basicaly.. my comments towards certain people (especialy precision motorsports) were unjust and not acceptable.

    I would also like to offer an apology to the people i have offended, i have said some things which may cause irrepairable damage i understand that but all i want to do is say my peace and that i have nothing against you.

    I would like to offer an insight into why i have and continue to behave like i do (or did)

    I realised after some thought that even though i took a break from FSR i care about it quite some bit, i am very passionate about FSR and sim racing in general.. and even though i said i can stop racing and not be bothered about it, my comments and passion for the league still shine through which can be seen by how agressive i get sometimes when trying to make a point... this indeed is an incorrect way to behave but all i can say is in my defense its the fact that i care so strongly for FSR makes me believe im correct in what i say, but i dont make it constructive.

    I would especialy like to send an apology to Precision motorsports for my comments against them some times, i can only use this as my defense.. i hate loosing.. i hate being the driver who is not good enough to beat Huis, i must admit it is a terrible way to behave and my mind frame is not good, Huis and Precision do a superb job, any question of them cheating is outrageous and i can only apologise for accusing them of this.

    My passion to win in Racing is so great that sometimes i take things a bit too far, but from today i shall post when asked too, and not when i want or if something needs commenting on etc... Basicaly this mindless spam will stop as its not the real me, the real me cares about his sim racing and thats why last night i realy enjoyed a superb display of driving on the broadcast and a great team effort that won the race.

    My next and maybe biggest apology goes out to the admin team, no matter who you are you do a great job, forvery little reward.. i dont know why i have ever complained about you guys you have always been fair to me... again it shows that my desire to win blinds me from the truth.. i see things different to what they are because im simply... not good enough.

    Again this is more of a peace breaker than a crawly comeback, if i have offended anyone i apologise and hope you can forgive and forget, if not i can fully understand too.

    I hope this goes some way to showing how much i do actualy care about FSR and id hate to see FSR damanged by my actions, I will put something back into FSR which has made me very popular with some fans who follow my sim racing, if it was not for FSR i would not have this rapour.

    Thankyou for reading, Lee
  2. Well said Lee.
  3. i agree with marcell well said and im sure your apology will be accepted by many youre a respected member of FSR and have been for a while and you did the right thing :)
  4. How about we introduce a plugin for Lee on this forum with 20 pop ups after every post: 'Are you sure you want to post this message?' with a minimum waiting time of 4 hours ;)
  5. anyway, hope to see you back on track soon Lee!
  6. Lmao!!!!
    The only problem with Lee and his actions is not his fault, its in his genes!!!! Yes His father is "Monty!!!!!!"
  7. ;)
  8. What brought this on? Did you wake up with a horse's head in your bed?
  9. Sorry i dont understand your comment
  10. It was a poor attempt at humour. It just seems a bit out of the blue so I thought someone had 'persuaded' you, ala The Godfather.
  11. Ah lol.. i didnt get it hehe so maybe it is brilliant humour lol.. no no its all my own doing :)
  12. do you think there is any chance of seeing you on the track again soon then Lee? :p
  13. Maybe :) i want to race but just need motivation
  14. aw it would be an honour to commentate on one of your races :)