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Hood view

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by jjaycee1, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. I see that there was a post a long time ago about lack of Hood view. I have had to reinstall GSC and am in the process of updating each update from 125 thru to 150. However I cannot see an option for Hood view which I tend to use most. My current update is at 125, and downloading 127 as I write.
    Would someone be good enough to explain in laymans terms how I can get Hood view. Thanks.
  2. Why don't you just sync to update?
  3. Because my lousy 200Kbs internet is too slow.With Sync it downloads at 50Kbs but if I use a download manager I get 250Kbs. Makes sense no?
    Do you have an answer to the Hood view?
  4. Press the "Insert" key on your key-board to change view. There is no default hood view.;)
  5. You can set the Hood View as your default by clicking "Options • Display • Default View • TV Cockpit". In-game, you can switch though the four on-board cameras with the Insert key (as mentioned above).

    Know that if you use a lower FOV, the hood itself will be pushed backwards out of your view, essentially turning it into a higher nose-cam. With open-wheel cars, a lower FOV tends to make the hood camera seem to point downward, not out at the horizon.

    You can edit the .cam files to try to get them to be just how you like, but make backups first, of course.

  6. Thanks Jarno, that has done what I want
  7. BattleOvce


    I dont understant that cam file thing. But what I noticed is: Old cars have classic hood view when Im skipping through all views. But the new Lancer and Marcas dont have. Its weird. And INSERT key is just different view and in some servers it could be blocked using these non default cameras.