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Cars Honda S800 Cabriolet 0.9b 2016-11-12

You meet the nicest people on a Honda :)

  1. A3DR submitted a new resource:

    Honda S800 Cabriolet 0.9b - You meet the nicest people on a Honda :)

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  2. aphidgod

    Premium Member

    If you're looking for places to enjoy this little bundle of joy, I highly recommend VIR Patriot. :)
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  3. DutchDevil79

    Premium Member

    Great, lets see how ths little bugger goes. Thanks a lot.
  4. Great mod, I've been following this way back on the AC forums.
    One minor thing after going for a quick run is the image in the mirrors are reversed.
    Thanks for your time and hard work. Look forward to the race version.
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  5. Hello when i want to drive this car my ac window is closing with no reason or error
  6. prostradale

    Premium Member

    Many congratulations for your mod A3DR ! This Honda is a very well made car, extremely detailled and fun to drive. In terms of physics, it looks very realistic to me, very immersive. Against a bunch of AI competitors with Hondas and Fiat Abarth S2s it is a huge pleasure to race at small places like Magione or VIR Patriot. Looking forward to driving the racing-oriented version that looks to be in the works. A big thank you for such a top job.
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  7. Beautiful, thank you!!

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  8. tripprider

    Premium Member

    Your work and attention to detail is remarkable. This was Soichiro Honda's first 100mph car. Might there be a Datsun or Triumph in the future? An Austin-Healy Sprite would be fantastic! I would definitely contribute and I will for this Honda. You may well have a niche in building 1960's 1-2 litre sports cars.
  9. Cheers, very nice work, lovely little race car, I was waiting for this mod release since the appearance of this mod in the AC official forum.
    If you do not mind, please refer to the next update.

    It's a S800 footage from the official Honda collection.

    The engine response is sharper and quicker even in normal S800.

    Itsuki Ichishima drives S800 race car.
    He is a president of SPOON that provides high quality after market parts for Honda.
    When he was young around 20 years old, he bought used S800, and modified it himself and was on the race many times.

    Followings are what he says in this footage.

    It's a textbook-like movements of rear wheel drive and racing car.
    All load goes after.
    Behavior is very easy to understand.
    This works well even in modern times.
    I totally agree there are fans of S800 and S600 all over the world.
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  10. Thank you so much for this amazing car. The model is the best I've seen yet in AC, the level of detail is unbelievable! I know it's still w.i.p. so I'd like to share some observations after a few hours of driving.

    Graphically it's perfect, other than the issue with the mirrors that has already been reported. On the physics side, I find it very difficult to determine what the car is doing because the FFB feels very mushy (the only way I can think of describing it). I know it's not at GT3 car and I don't expect it to have that level of feedback but there is so little information coming through the wheel that I find it almost impossible to predict what the car is doing in corners. In addition to this the backend is always trying to step out when ever I lift off the throttle, even though I'm not driving the car at the limit. I'm not sure if this is due to the current suspension implementation, setup, or if it's a symptom of not getting enough information through the wheel to be able to know what's happening with the tail end in time to catch it.

    Hope you will find my comments helpful and thanks again for this masterpiece.
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  11. Outstanding work :thumbsup:
    This car is incredible in all aspects. Incredible 3D model, incredible texture work and incredible slow :)

    Two wishes for the next version: Please hide the driver complete in cockpit view and add a straight backward camera for RHM user.

    Edit: I forgot two incredible things: its incredible small and its an incredible fun to drive.

    THANK YOU !!!
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2016
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  12. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur
    AC Addict

    Remarquable work on the car, obviously a lot of work and passion went into this project, thank you for sharing it with us.
    When possible it would be nice for the driver animation to be improved, for those of us driving in VR, the magnificent car interior deserve a better animated driver.
  13. Excellent mod!! Tried it at Bridgehampton Summer, 8:30AM. Perfect combo. Kudos for the developer's team.