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Honda CRX Improved

Discussion in 'Racer' started by aadilf1, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((CLOSED DUE TO IDIOTS)))))))))))))))))))))))
  2. I think this thread belongs in the car tread... Y
    you can upload it at 4shared.com for example and copy the download link here. I'm not sure if you need the author's permission to do this, but thx anyway:)
  3. That's one way of faking NOS I suppose
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. :honk::cat::party::roflol: :letsgoracing:
  7. OMG, I laughed so hard of this posts ^^
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Disregard the link, unless you click on it...:)

    BTW, did the car ever get posted? Or is it safe to continue posting foolishness?:cool:

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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Edit: deleted.. 3 stupid posts in one day.. there should be a law against it.. sorry.
  12. @ FiftyOrange: "PANTS" lol!

    @LuThoBu: I am so glad there ISN'T a law against it-lol!
  13. [​IMG]

    well, sometimes stupidity can reach unrivaled heights..

    (edit: I am referring to my own deleted stupid posts, which in no way
    stand back from this one. I blame the hot weather and too much reading..
  14. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I wish I could have seen your posts.. I love a bit of stupidity on the weekend.
  15. Stupid- on the edge of being smart......It sounds like a slogan for idiots......maybe it should be!
  16. Ouch!

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  17. more of the same....lol!

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  18. I hope aadilf1 doesn't take this too personally, if it was me i, would be depressed or committed suicide by now :tongue:

    edit: I find this very funny though...