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Homemade Budget F1 G27 Wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Alex Mathieu, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. I was inspired to created an F1 style steering wheel for my G27. Personally, I can't afford the high price tags that are currently out there. So, this wheel has been created with material that was laying around at work. I am planning on adding a SLI-Pro in the near future.

    Main Structure:
    MDF board

    Styrofoam (Shaved and glued using PL2000)

    The unit will be partially coated in a product called Aspartex (sp) which is a product offered by Line-X. A co-worker is the local franchisee.

    Current cost: $15CDN for the switches.

    Don't flame the MOMO, one my students decided to add his own personal touch.


    First MDF Cut:

    Test Fit:

    Test Fit Buttons:

    Final Carving:

    Up next is the Line-X Coating, should hopefully have it done sometime this week, then it's paint, 3M carbon, and then installing the the electronics and a SLI-Pro eventually.
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  2. Looks great so far. How much is the aspartex normally for an object this size?
  3. Great job... :)
  4. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    That looks great so far. Nice job
  5. Though, I really don't like that completely straight top, I must say that this is looking pretty damn good!!!
    Can't wait to see it finished...
    Oh, and btw... that's not a Sli-pro on the drawing????? Are there any measurements (reliable) of the Sli-F1 available anywhere?
  6. I will find out for you, It's no cost for me luckily as he was happy to practice shooting on something this small.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I am aware that it's not the SLI Pro in the picture, I will be using the provided template when the time comes. That template was more for the overall and generic shape. Depending on how this one goes I will most like design one similar to the current RedBull wheel.
  8. Thanks I'd be interested to know for future reference. I once had the back of a van lined using a Line-x product and it was fantastic, rock hard once dried, and easy to keep clean. Good value too - a few hundred GB pounds for an everlasting coat on the floor of a small van.
  9. Brilliant!
    Can't wait to see that.
    I have just recently sold my Charlie Visscher wheel, which had my Sli-Pro in it (I've kept the Sli-Pro)
    Now, I use the normal G27 rim and a SRW-S1 with a quick-release from Simulaje.
    I have placed the Sli-Pro on top of the wheel-base (so that it's stationary) and to be honest, I like this a lot better than when the Sli was turning with the wheel.
    I can't really tell you why, but it just feels better to me...
    Something with knowing exactly where it is, at all times, I guess.
    ...it's just a hint, but maybe try a test-fit of the Sli both on and off the rim itself, before committing to one solution?
  10. I think thats a great idea.
  11. From talking to my co-working he estimated roughly about $50 CDN to coat the wheel. So fairly inexpensive in the long run.
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  12. So, I've decided to make some changes. I will still be completing this wheel, but I've started on a modified RB8 wheel that will incorporate the SLI pro. I happened across some free aluminium, created the wheel in autocad and I am having it cut out on a plasma cutting machine as I type this.

    I'm very excited about this wheel. The buttons will be proper NKK push buttons. The next step will be the hardest. Forming and welding the back panel to the outer edge.

    Stay tuned for pictures.
  13. Here are the two pieces cut. I'm more than happy with the look and result. Still have some minor deburring and shaping but they look great none-the-less.

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