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Tracks Hockenheim_old 0,6

hockenheim version old (long track)

  1. f1ligue submitted a new resource:

    Hockenheim_old - hockenheim version old (long track)

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  2. 6.1mb is this a ps1 port
  3. no ! super nintendo port :)
    it's a wip version,
    but i love your joke
  4. Yea try it out instead of complaining about the size i say i love it thanks much.
  5. Needs high rez mesh
  6. I'm not saying it's a great track)
    just a wip release.
    it will improve over updates
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  7. your question is how to have the map on the screen while driving?
    I have not yet created
  8. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Please post a few screenshots of this track, so people know what it looks like.

    Thank you.
  9. it's Add Chris ;)
  10. I use 3dsmax 2012 & official AC tools.
  11. Pictures from next update 0.4

    2014-06-16_00002.jpg 2014-06-16_00003.jpg 2014-06-16_00004.jpg 2014-06-16_00005.jpg 2014-06-16_00006.jpg 2014-06-16_00007.jpg
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  12. It looks excellent!!
    Which track do you plan to do next?
    Tough we hope there will be next ;)
  13. I finished the two tracks being.
    I expect a response agreement for the conversion of two other tracks for the future.
  14. LOve the new trees and the tarmac :) getting better and better with every version, are you going to update the ad boards vodafone, firestone etc, also are you going to put the right hand kerb in at the first chicane ? I seem to remember it being missing for the original gp4 version.
  15. I will first make a track and correct 100% OK
    The decoration comes in dedicated versions that
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