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PS4 Hockenheim GP 33 Laps Formula A, Thrs Oct 15th 8PM, Cockpit view and No Assists.

Discussion in 'Project CARS Racing Club' started by lmntr, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. Event Details:
    October 15th, 2015
    Time: 20:00 hrs. London
    Circuit: Hockenheim GP
    Car Class: Formula A
    Race Laps: 33 (50% race length)
    10 min
    Qualifying: 15mins
    Warm Up: 5 mins
    Rolling Start: No
    Assists : None
    View : Forced Cockpit
    Mechanical Failures: Yes
    Damage: Yes
    Tyre Wear: x4
    Fuel : Real
    Flags & Penalties: Enabled
    Weather and Progression: Overcast, Clear and Clear x2.
    Time & Progression: 14:00 hours in game, Real and Race Date.

    Sign Ups: Please post your PSN ID when signing up and send me a message before the race for your invite.
    A car livery and # choice is appreciated. Thanks.

    1. lmntr - KayOs # 14
    2. tigerpaw11 - Mixlub # 1
    3. KingFuzz69 - FLANC # 82
    4. le-coq74 - Peoples Bank # 19
    5. slovoflud - Beezart # 4
    6. sam18boy -
    7. Chazy90 -
    8. Tigerkart_22 -

    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
  2. Attendence list has been updated.
  3. We had additional drivers that joined our community group in PSN. I can estimate at least three more possible participants for Thursday. Hopefully this pans out. Search for NAFARG in the PCars forum or PSN for more details.
  4. Sorry you guys could not make it. Now for my Hockenheim GP Race Report: Tigerpaw11 wins another one! KingFuzz ended up 25 seconds adrift while myself yet another 25 seconds further. The roar of the Swedish fans was deafening when the Podium interviewer presented their winner. Tigerpaw11's crew was embolden and began to break down the barriers to the Podium putting in jeopardy officials and their driver results. A stern shout from their enraged Team Principal was enough to make them stop on their tracks…. a little too late, just as his adoring and frenzied fans followed cue and broke down another barrier bringing into action more than few burly and swift and efficient security officials to control the situation while enabling some to see the inside of the emergency room. For sure some heads will roll before next race….Tigerpaw11's perfomance is becoming Hamilton-like…..Pheeew!!! Who can stop him?? Okay, now I need to get me a glass of wine… I will be back.
    And now, it is time to announce next Race at the beloved Road America which will be contested in 23 laps.