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Misc Hockenheim - Germany Correct Sun 2015-11-23

Correct sun to feel more like 1 PM rather than 4 PM

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  1. Not in 1 large pack :O_o:
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  2. I actually thought I was finished, then every now and then I find a track that needs modifying.
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  3. can you make abu dhabi, the sun at the start is not realistic it supposed to be more towards sunset more darker as in real life
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  4. Exactly. The sun is too high in the sky.:)
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  5. Ok, Still can't play Abu Dhabi because i am having sever frame drop at that circute
  6. How did you get the f1 2015 amg steering wheel in f1 2014???
  7. Because f1 2014 cars are included in f1 2015 and the codies added the new steering wheels
  8. Thank you!
  9. Ok now i know that really cool but f1 2016 i don't want f1 2015 cars i want gp2 cars