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HKS Racing Controller for PS3 Impressions

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Dustin Barton, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. I just recieved my review sample from InterWorks Unlimited and so far it's amazing. Keep in mind that these are simple first impressions, but thus far, color me impressed. First off, Features:

    • Auto-Recentering Analog Steering Wheel
    • Pressurized Gas and Brake Pedals
    • Digital Speed Pressure Display Screen
    • L1/R1 and X/Square Configuration Switch
    • Macro Programmable for all buttons

    Right off the bat the controller itself feels solid. Build quality is easily a 7 or 8 out of 10. The auto-entering wheel is going to be great for oval races in GT5 and the new NASCAR game. For once I can hold a fairly steady racing line, which has definitely improved my laptimes a bit. So far I've only tested the controller with Burnout Paradise and F1 2010. Burnout I noticed the tighter analog stick helped out while on F1 2010 the steering wheel was smoother. The pressurized gas and brake pedals are phenominal, specially on F1. The great thing about this controller is the ability to change setups on-the-fly. There is a little switch on the back that is labeled "NFS/GT" which swaps the Square/X with L2/R2. I'll be writing up a more detailed/thorough review in a week or so but for now, I am pleasantly surprised at how much I'm enjoying this new controller.

    Amazon seems to be the only place I can find that is actually selling it already, but it should start popping up at other retailers soon.


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    UPDATE: For fast maneuvers like in Burnout, the steering wheel doesn't respond *quite* as fast as I would like, but it still works fine. With F1 2010 the steering wheel really helped in the middle of turns where I usually have to put a bit more wheel into it and often spin or get really loose requiring me to get off the throttle. Speaking of which, the throttle on the controller compared to R2 on the official PS3 controller is like night and day. Everyone knows how loose the analog sticks and triggers feel on the official PS3 controller. That is all tightened up quite nicely with the HKS controller. Much more control.
  2. Updated impressions and feedback: The steering wheel on the controller is just a tad bit looser than I probably would have liked, but as I said before, you adjust...just like any controller/wheel. As for finger slide, that's also part of the adjustment. Once you get used to using the lower half of your thumb you should have no problem with slide-age. There are two small bumps at the center of the wheel which help 1. prevent slipping, and 2. give you a clear indicator as to how much wheel you are putting into the vehicle. In regards to precision, the wheel is fairly precise, with perhaps a *slight* delay, but nothing that we all aren't already used to when using controllers and racing wheels.

    The brake is smaller than the throttle, and as such, feels as though there is a bit more pressure when using it. The throttle definitely feels looser than the brake, which is a good thing because if gives you a broad range of control.

    GameStop.com lists this as 12/6/2010 so it appears the first week of December. I've sent an e-mail off to InterWorks hoping to get confirmation on the public release date. Suffice to say, I am quite pleased with this controller so far Oh, and I want to give (another) shout out to the build quality. The USB connection is gold-plated, something you don't often see, and the overall controller itself has some heft without being heavy. It really feels sturdy *thumbs up*.
  3. Not saying that I am really good at racing games. But I definitely appreciate this specialty controller for what it is in a market of very high priced racing accessories/wheels.
  4. I did a close up unboxing and review

    The HKS PS3 Controller is also available at DasCheap! for lower than I have seen it.

    As for the reviews, I will be doing a ton at the CES 2011 and hope to see some of the new Playseat sound and vibration models in full action!:)

    I'll keep everyone posted..and yes the contest for that controller is still going on.