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HistorX Sprite week @ Mid-America D-Curve - Thu 26th March 2015

Discussion in 'rFactor Racing Club' started by Yves Larose, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Sprite week 2.jpg
    Server name:
    Class /Cars: GTTC A0
    Austin Healey sprite Sebring '58'59

    Track: Mid-America D-Curve 2.250 Km ( Download )
    Unpack the Mega download file and place the Locations folder of rfactor where the .exe sits

    Pit box allocation: (Download)
    As you may of see through the week the pit boxes were shared with this download this will sort out the problem back up you original as you will you need it to get on regular server.
    To install unpack and drop into you main rfactor/HistorX folder were the exe sits.

    See Main Forum for Official Race Time Clock

    Race 1: Mid-America D-Curve 2.250 Km
    practice start time: GMT 20:00 (20 mins)
    Qualification start time: GMT 20:20 10 mins free laps
    Race start time: GMT 20:30 (19 laps)

    Race 2: Mid-America D-Curve 2.250 Km
    Practice start time: GMT 21:00 (10 mins)
    Qualification start time: GMT 21:10 10 mins free laps
    Race start time: GMT 21:20 (19 laps)

    Note 1: Only default liveries or the liveries that come with the mod please
    Note 2: Over the week you will need to drive any car you want for each race.
    pick a car and drive with friends
    Note 3: To sign up, Tag me like this - @@Yves Larose or @@Jarek Kostowski Yes please
    this way we wont miss your sign up:)

    Racedepartment Calendar:Click here
    Server password:Click here
    Racing rules:Click here

    Entry List:
    1. Yves larose
    2. Jarek Kostowski
    3. Stig Bidstrup
    4. Oscar Hardwick
    5. Anders Nilsson
    6. Hans Sneep
    7. J Carlos Fernandez
    8. Driver
    9. Driver
    10. Driver
    11. Driver
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    This is being held in our Club, using GTL Club Rules, and should be driven in that spirit.
    And it is not Touring cars !!!
    For info on HistorX 1.96 click below
    HistorX Mod Version 1.96
    HistorX Hints and Tips

    You can use the this to sign up with if you like just copy and paste

    If you need to sign out we have that covered as well


    Last edited: Mar 25, 2015
  2. Stig Bidstrup

    Stig Bidstrup
    Blip ! The Throttle Premium

  3. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

  4. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson

    Yes sign me up please
  5. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Server is up
  7. Roland


    [​IMG] for race 1 only:(
  8. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson

    Hmm i got a tdf.mismatch i d/l the track from the link above any suggestions ?
  9. Quas


    Put it into your locations folder and overwrite, watch out, sendspace might try to sell you a toolbar.
    I have no idea where you guys got those wrong terrain.tdfs from as there is none in the track download, but you're the second one with this problem.
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  10. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson

    cheers Jarek it worked like a charm :thumbsup:
  11. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    Sorry guys. Looks like I wont make this, underestimated all the stuff I needed to do this evening before travelling home.
  12. Roland


    Again great fun these cars:thumbsup:
    The track was a bit harder to figure out than tuesday's.. It is so very flat I misjudged a corner quite a few times. I also found it hard to make controlled slides through the tighter corners and dealing with the weight transfer, resulting in at least half a dozen spins in R1:redface:

    Overall the race was great fun nonetheless, and while l couldn't hang on to the leaders tails for more than a few laps after R1 start, I had a nice fight with Hans during the 2nd half of the race, including multiple overtakes and a very nice spin each :roflmao:

    I found that using the same gearing as tuesday, and not the shortest one, worked best for me; in the failure-free laps I got down to low 33's, which was within a second of the :alien:s fastet laps, so I'm happy with that:)

    Hopefully R2 was as much fun for you guys. Thx Yves for the event, CYA soon.
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  13. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson

    Race 1 alot of nice batteling with S-A,Jarek and Yves . Great fun:)
    Lol race 2 blew the engine on the gridd :cry::whistling: hope u had fun , i had me a cold beer :thumbsup:
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  14. I am very sorry Yves. That was not a revenge attack. I just misjudged that you did not get out of the turn as quick as I thought. Please forgive me.
    I had a very nice fight with Anders for a couple of laps in race 1 and it was fun until the mishap with yves happened.
    Race 2 was not that fun because of my doing to Yves and also little later was to anxious and blew the engine.
  15. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    np Sven i didn,t thought you did it in purpose in fact i didn't feel the tap at all it felt like i simply spun on myself ;) next time don't wait up i will catch up ;)
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